Part I of the new website is up!

This section includes video logs, rss feeds, more about us, extensive media page, press kit, new calendar and more. There is still a bit of work that needs to be done, one being an artistic “flash page” introduction, some finishing touches and what have you, but it’s useable for now (note: we still to to update the links on the menu on the photo gallery, calendar, journal and online portal)

We spent days trying to make it compatible with 5 different browsers.   It’s not perfect, but, believe me, we did our best. Part I contains over 30   pages of information  (not including the pdf files, videos, journal pages, calendar).

And get this…. we are not done yet!

Once we take a little breather and rest our tired brains (and sore necks) that have been for weeks taxed with coding, coding and more coding, look for Part II (yep there’s more!) that will feature over 75 pages of writings about steps that we have taken on this journey.

This section will include overviews, pictures, resources on such topics as cob oven building, making seed balls, raising chickens and ducks holistically, beekeeping, biodiesel, and much, much more.  

Having done this website completely ourselves and being self taught it was quite a long process (much longer than we anticipated), new techniques were learned as we went along . We hope you enjoy the new site.  If you have any comments, good, bad or suggestions please email us.   We’d like to know what kind of content you would like to see more of (of course, the entire website isn’t done yet so please be patient) And if you find something that’s not working properly or links that dead we’d like to know about them.

This site, we are proud to say, still remains ad free.

And last but not least, we say ‘Thank You’ for making PTF such a success. When we started this site over six years ago we had no idea it would generate so much interest and have such an impact on people’s lives.

We will continue to expand our content so check back often. There’s more to come as we strive to put our protest against the powers that be into positive action by “getting dirty” that we hope will bring about a homegrown revolution.

Thanks for sharing the journey with us.

Web site traffic increasing:

In the new year an average of 200,000 visitors browsed through the PTF website each month. Over the next year we hope to continue making improvements to the PTF website to benefit our regular and new readers

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  1. Amy says:

    What an incredible job you have done! I have learned so much from your website, which has inspired me and my family to take the first steps along our own path towards independence. Thank you for sharing these “fruits” of your labor.

  2. Pip Wilson says:

    Greetings from a fellow traveller in Australia! Your new site looks fantastic. Congratulations and best wishes.

  3. Heather says:

    I love the new website:) Loved the old one too! It is wonderful to visit your site and imagine being there. In this fast paced world it is always relaxing to look at the photos and read your journal, thank you for letting us peek into your world.

  4. claire says:

    thankyou for sharing your lives and experience, I really appreciate it

  5. Anais says:

    Thank you all for the many positive comments regarding the new site. Certainly makes us proud that all the hard work (and even tears) were worth every minute.

    We are blessed to have this opportunity to share our lives with you and we are uplifted to know there are other kindred spirits, like yourselves, who are also on the path.

    Thank you for sharing this path with us.

  6. elian says:

    What a fantastic job! The site looks great. Thanks for all you do. Thanks for your inspiration.

    Elian from SC