The old-time Peddler’s Wagon is rolling into cyberspace witha load of goods for the urban eco-pioneer. Get ready for spring–plant a garden! Start seeds in recycled newspaper pots made with a wooden pot maker. Bury clay pots (ollas) in your garden and fill with water to irrigate your plants. Collect kitchen scraps in a stainless steel kitchen composter before transferring scraps to an outdoor composter. Green your home! Install a toilet lid sink to save water. Buy canvas bags for hauling groceries or packing a lunch (and decorate with paints or appliqué). Save energy! Cook food in a solar oven using the free energy of the sun. Reduce and reuse! Buy a metal water bottle instead of throwing away plastic bottles or use metal “To Go” containers instead of styrofoam.

Check out many more products at selected by the Dervaes family of Pasadena whose hands-on experience has created a productive urban homestead.

New on the Peddler’s Wagon this week —Five different types of nesting boxes for the backyard poultry enthusiast.  

And don’t forget March 10th is the deadline forplacing your order for baby chicks or pullets

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  1. Deborah says:

    Great blog! Could you provide more detail on burying clay pots in soil to irrigate your garden? I have never heard of this technique. Thanks!

  2. Solar Power says:

    I’m glad you mentioned solar ovens as they are really becoming more affordable and a viable alternative.