Botanie All Natural Soap Kits

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Botanie 100% Natural Soap Making Kit

After reading about the hidden chemicals in beauty and toiletries products and with natural soaps being somewhat costly, you’ve finally decided you wanted to make your own using natural, organic ingredients.   Well, now you can with this all natural soap kit.  This kit take the guesswork out of homemade soap making. You can make your very own luxurious, natural soaps with ease.

The soap kit comes complete with all the necessary ingredients needed to make your own soap.

Base oilsLyeOrganic Herbs Pure Essential Oils

Also Includes:Premeasured ingredients (enough to make 20 3 oz bars)Detailed instructionsCD complete with label templates

Scents Available:

Lavender OatmealCitrus Calendula Rose Geranium

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Item# BOT10


SELECT Lavender Oatmeal Calendula Citrus Rose Geranium

Note These kits are not yet listed on the Peddler’s Wagon you can only order these kits via this journal post.

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  1. Queen Whackamole says:

    Hiya PTF,
    These soaps sound yummy. Perfect timing since I was hoping to make my first soaps for the holidays this year.
    Is shipping really $15.90, or is there a glitch in the system?
    Keep up the good work!

  2. Urban Homesteader says:


    Yes indeed, the soap kits are neat. They are smelling up our entire living room as we speak with such wonderful, earthy aroma. MMMMMMM.

    Since the kit includes heavy items like lye and oils (weighing in about 5+ lbs) shipping will vary only slightly. If on West Coast about $12 and if on East Coast about $16.

    With our shopping cart system the customer is NOT automatically charged. Only when the item is shipping out are you charge and we can always adjust the shipping if need be.

    Hope I have answered your question.

    Seasonings greenings,

  3. Queen Whackamole says:

    Thanks for the quick response, Anaïs. I’ll be ordering soon!