Compost toilet update: we have pretty much settled on a model/brand. But, first, before we can order anything, the cellar will have to be blown up (just kidding). Seriously, we need to clean out all the stuff that’s stored there.  Basically, everything that was in the garage (now clean) is hidden away in the cellar. So, that will be one heck (and dusty!) of a job because we hate to throw things away.  One solution is that the guys, along with help from a friend, will be building a deck/porch area adjacent to the house. Since our house is so high up, this will leave some storage space underneath.  If and when this deck job gets completed, it will add much needed “useable space” to the back laundry room.

The guys already plan to have a place for the James Hand Washer with Wringer and other necessary homestead supplies.  Yesterday the guys started sledging away at the concrete stairs… The latest project has begun!