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Great Leap Presents ‘The Third Stone’

What can you do for the Environment? This year, Mother Earth meets Collaboratory, exploring Environmental Issues on the Third Stone, with artists collaborating to showcase an unadulterated, bold, and brazen performance on what our environment is facing. By using tools taught in their 8 week workshop, these artists will explore themes of environmental conservatism, economic, racial, social politics, and migration to address our current environmental vulnerabilities. Confident and daring, this group of artists, draws audiences by serving it up with satirical comedy, movement, mixed media, and stylized spoken word.
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Special thanks to Jules Dervaes of Path to Freedom
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Compost happens

Let it Rot

Here on the urban homestead, especially during summer, we have soooo much green compost that our 4 composters plus the vermicompost container and menagerie of POC (pet organic composters as we like to call them…. btw, have you hugged your composter today *grin*) overflowing and maxed out.This week the guys used recycled/salvaged cinder blocks and made compost bin so we can store the green waste in. Now for the hocus pocus part. We’ll throw a few handfuls of worms in for good measure and sprinkle with EM to activate decomposition and in a few months we’ll have magic — black gold, soil that is.

The Heat is On

Temperatures soar into the triple digits as the Southland bakes another brutal heat wave.   

Going Green and eventually hosting will be powered by the wind! We are pleased to announce that we recently signed up We’ll first be moving and switching over our e commerce site as we’ll be upgrading the shopping cart software this month. The upgraded Peddlers Wagon storefront is expected to be launched sometime in October. With the new web features you’ll be able to view PTF Picks, choose carbon free shipping, make a wish list and better yet the new software will make it easier on us to manage inventory and all that.   Not to mention we have a few new sustainable and practical wares to add that we hope customers will find useful.Next to make the hosting switch will be as we get ready to launch the new and improved site sometime this Fall. Thanks to your continued support, PTF is now able to grow a new leaf.


Farm Stand Produce, Not Always Local {Treehugger}

Compounding the issue is the fact that while local town codes often declare that you must grow between 60-80% of what you sell, enforcement is essentially non-existent as the farmers are charged with policing themselves. And with increasing pressure to find ways to make up for decreasing sales elsewhere coupled with a lack of sanctions for those who don’t play by the rules there’s little incentive to follow them.
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The power of produce {LA Times}

NO dessert until you finish your vegetables! Health experts probably wish they could use that line on the recalcitrant American public.Fruits and vegetables are packed with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, fiber and scores of phytochemicals that scientists are just beginning to understand, and studies have shown that people who eat more fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes — and some kinds of cancer.
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Nature Deficit Disorder {Daily Green}

Americans are spending more and more time indoors as a society, and some observers are beginning to worry that this trend may have negative long-term consequences for future generations.
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  1. Wildside says:

    “btw, have you hugged your composter today *grin*”

    Love that! 😉

  2. David says:

    Got to turn my compost over & show some amore`, thanks for reminding me :). BTW this Sunday, 9-2-07 )8am-1pm) at the Hollywood Farmers Market, they’re having Tomato Festival,, August 24th entry. Its free to public :).