Goat farm in Perris/Julia & Jordanne with goats

Jordanne & I are still both exhausted this morning as we recuperate from the 10 hour road trip adventure we had yesterday. Here a re a brief outline and some photos of the trip.

We were dropped off at the El Monte Transit Station at about 7am. There we caught the express metro bus to Long Beach to hook up with a friend, Julia, (and our ride for the day). Wednesday was Julia’s day off.  Last week I called her and asked “so whatcha doing on your day off?” She wasn’t quite sure, so I asked her would she want to go buy some goats. She was excited about the idea/adventure.. or as Julia said she would tell folks that “I went to see a lady about a goat.”

The day before leaving, I made out a scheduled itinerary, what time we were expected at each destination and Jordanne printed up the miles and direction. We did a pretty good job at keeping to our planned schedule – not bad for a guestimation!

Goat farm in Ramona/ Goats on the bus

We arrived at Long Beach around 8:15 am, where Julia picked us up and brought us to her check out her new “almost” seaside apartment.   We left Long Beach at about 9:30 am. First stop on our adventure was a place out in Perris (55 miles away). The young girl  (Brittany) was a breeder of pygmy goats and there we picked up a little black and white pygmy goat (named ‘Pixie Dust’).   After a brief time there it was off to our next destination – another goat farm down south of Escondido (75 miles away)   We left the Perris place around 1:30 pm and arrived at the second goat farm in Ramona a little after 3 pm. There we were to pick up a nigerian dwarf, named ‘Ceolan.’ Jordanne had seen this lady’s (Emily) pictures of baby goats for sale and fell in love with the one with the “little pink nose.”

The sellers were both very kind and showed Jordanne how to trim their hooves and so forth. Emily even wanted to give us a free male rabbit since they are moving to Canada to start an organic farm., but we opted not to take it since it was not neutered.   
We wished we could have stayed longer at each place, but it was best that we get on our way. We left the last farm about 4 ish and hauled on back to Long Beach to catch the metro bus back to El Monte. Surprisingly the goats traveled well after settling down. Claddagh didn’t like when the car came to a stop and she voiced here annoyance in a pathetic little bleat. She was a bit louder and a bit traumatized since we was just taken from her mother. The black pygmy, on the other hand, was fine because she had been living without her mother for sometime.   By the time we got to the bus stop in Long Beach (5:30 pm), the goats had quieted down and didn’t make but one sound on the bus trip to El Monte. We arrived back in Pasadena a little after 6:30 and let the goats stretch their legs a bit before putting them to bed.

Home at last

Cat Stevens, our tabby, is curious and a little unsure of these new additions. This morning the other animals (rabbit, chickens, ducks) got to meet them and they seem to be getting along just fine.

Update: The little black pygmy is a sweetie (she’d definitely been handled a lot!) . Due to the stress in traveling, she has case of congestion and we are watching her closely. The “pink nosed” is a bit unruly and crying for her momma a lot. The lady that we got her from said that she was very sweet tempered and everything that she told us we positive. We are guessing that she is acting this way because she misses her mommy.  
More updates to follow as we and the new kids recuperate and adjust.


  1. claire says:

    they look lovely, the more goats are handled the tamer they become. I love goats.

  2. stephanie says:

    Oh girls, you’re babies are just beautiful! I wish I could have such pets but alas, no space (nor permissive bylaws!)

  3. Liz says:

    Simply adorable! The best of luck to you and your new additions.

  4. gerry medland says:

    Just fantastic!

  5. Wildside says:

    A big hearty congratulations on your most recent additions! Thanks for sharing all those photos from your adventure — I’m so happy for you in this!

  6. Kosh says:

    WoW i think it’s great you were able to bring them home in carriers on the bus. when i started reading the post i thought, how the heck are they going to bring a goat on public transport.. i had visions of you all with a big goat on a leash trying to get on the bus. glad it worked out..

  7. Kat says:

    I had no idea pygmie goats could be had in Perris! I live right next to Perris,CA. I just love your site, I always learn so much! LOL Even things I should already know.

  8. Anais says:

    Hi Kat

    The breeder in Perris is a young (4H) lady who is doing a great job in raising these adorable creatures.

    Thank you for your positive comments. Glad you find this site helpful, we always love to hear from our readers.

    See you along the path,