New chickens and noise

Q. I’m interested in getting a few chickens. I know chickens are pretty adaptable but am a little worried they’ll be agitated by our soon to be house construction work/noise. Any help you can provide, would be appreciated.

A. Chickens are amazingly adaptable – just like you said. And, as a matter of
fact, if they are exposed to loud noises and other things at an early age,
they are less likely to be so agitated at loud noises when they get older.
I like exposing my chickens to new things when they are young so they can
adapt quickly.

I strongly believe they would be just fine. I often worry about whether my
chickens have enough to be happy with and stuff like that — but when you
think of where they could be, a nice backyard with a caring person is
probably heaven to them!

For the first week or so after you bring them home, you might have a bit of
a problem with them being a little spooked or loud, but they will quickly
get used to it. They would be spooky in any new place so it’s not like it’s
because of the loud construction. We live next to a freeway and school so
the chickens that I raise will be exposed to loud children noises and things
that happen on the freeway.

In addition, I’m surprised by how much chickens catalogue and ignore things
around them. For instance, when we re-roofed our garage- which is right
above them – they studied us for awhile and then decided to ignore what was
going on. The same for when we re-roofed our house. They kind of look at
something, study, and decide to just ignore it. And this was with strange
people traipsing all throughout yard and things dropping and all sorts of

They are also not easily stressed. I mean, if something was a predator,
yeah, but sounds or commotion around them that have gotten used to, they
just ignore. I have school kids come and see mine and they are a loud,
grabbing bunch and the chickens take it all in stride.

So, in short, I strongly feel your chickens will adapt to your noisy
situation and go about life as usual in their little chicky lives. They
will be just fine and won’t even be bothered by it at all. And then when
the construction finally ceases, you and they will probably enjoy the sound
of silence!

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