Remember back when I said that there was still more to come to the new improved Urban Homestead website.  We have news!

Jordanne is still plugging away (even thru an uncomfortable ear infection –gotta love her perseverance) to bring new improvements to the site.

Though there’s a still a bit of tweaking to do but we finally have a new nifty online calendar for those of you (and us!) to keep track of the MANY events and screenings going on.

Already people are contacting us far and wide for urban homesteading talks and presentations into next year.  So if you are interested in hosting the Dervaes family and having their extremely popular and informative presentation on urban homesteading– then better get in line!  (grin)

Oh and don’t forget to sign up for this month’s event


  1. Ann Erdman says:

    Be sure to cross-reference Pasadena-based events on our online community calendar at

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