Lately, the homestead has become a beacon for “home-seeking” animals.   Recently, this lovely young (Barred Rock) hen joined the flock.    The family that had her said that their daughter raised the hen at school and now they were moving.  Thanks to their helpful neighbor and “Google,”  Yogi (that’s what they called her) has a new home here at the homestead.

Since this was Yogi’s first time ever to see another chicken (since she was a chick), I wasn’t sure how  she or the other hens would react; but, after a couple little spats figuring out the pecking order, thankfully,  she seems to be fitting in OK.  The “trick” of putting her in at night with the others seemed to have done it again.

As for the name, to her family she’ll always be their “Yogi” but to me she’s so like a “Maggie” (& who doesn’t love Maggie Smith , pray tell?) – prancing around.

Speaking of names, I think we are kind of fixated on the letter “M” with this new group of chicks (now over 4 weeks old and growing up fast!).  Don’t ask me why but, so far, (3 out of 5) the new chicks’ names are all starting with the letter M (Maybelle, Marylou and Molly).  Still have two more to name, so we may just break the “M” modus operandi.

Baby ducks are going to be arriving in a month or so and we have already picked out their names before they arrive.  Yep, we already decided to call them after characters in “Call the Midwife” (PBS new hit BBC series)  We just had to name a duck “Chummy.”

Still have lots to get y’all caught up on from homefront… stay tuned.


  1. Nebraska Dave says:

    Anais, it’s good to hear that new life is coming to the homestead. New life has come to mine as well in the form of baby groundhog. I haven’t seen Mom and baby since the spring but I’m sure they will make their presence known when the harvest is ready. I’ve already seen evidence of nibbling on the sweet corn and it’s not even ready yet. Critter fences are going up slow so I’m not sure about the harvest again this year. Last year’s focus was weed control. This year it’s been critter control. Maybe next year will finally be the year to get a decent harvest.

    Have a great day in the garden.

  2. renee says:

    We have been wanting to add to our little flock of three chickens…..thanks for the night tip.

    Would love more suggestions on animals,gardening,and even knitting:)

  3. Ken Donnell says:

    Do you keep your chickens and ducks out of your garden? I have a flock of about a dozen chickens and yesterday I decided to “free range” them during the day. I have turned them loose in my small orchard. They seem to be clearing out the weeds and they have not gone anywhere and came back to the chicken house last night. I guess this will work. Any suggestions? I do have a seperate vegetable garden that I can close off but if they can clear out the weeds and not eat the veggies that sure would be a win, win situation. Ken

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