We are home!!  OK, I know I said that already…

We thank God for a safe trip ( driving in the rain is no fun – an not very safe!)

Anyhow, it’s good to be back to the crazy life here on the urban homestead.  I know may of you are anxiously waiting for the weekly meal rundown, urban homestead happenings and all that good stuff; but, first, we need to recap our trip to Northern California and remember all  the wonderful folks we met on our travels as urban homestead ambassadors.  There is a season for every purpose under heaven and it seems that this is a season for travels.   Hope you enjoy reading about our adventures as we continue to sow a homegrown revolution!

I thought about doing one huge post about our journey; but there were so many wonderful people  to write about and stories to tell that we decided to break the entry into four parts.

Nevada City & Wild & Scenic Film Festival   Jan 15-17

We joke that leaving the urban homestead is a huge undertaking and like planning for the D Day invasion! Clients informed, animal feed orders picked and packed, instructions left for any volunteers that are available, plus with the threat of huge winter storms, we made sure to batten down the hatches!

We left the urban homestead early Friday morning.  After working all night as we were still preparing for our departure until the last minute, so  no sleep (we figured we could easily catch some zzz’s on the 8 hour drive north – yeah, right…) ,   we arrived in Nevada City just before noon.

Right back where we started from…. at one of the best film festivals in the west!  Yep, it’s been a year – a WHOLE YEAR – since we were last up in Nevada City with the world premier of our little film Homegrown Revolution.

>Read more about last year’s trip

This year we were invited  again, but, this time,  as subject of Robert McFalls’s 52 min documentary HOMEGROWN.

Check out GRIST review who wrote

After watching a good documentary you begin to feel as if the subjects are friends, and having them in front of you gives a sense of continued intimacy. One’s instinct is to continue the conversation you’d been having in your head when you seem them in the flesh. ‘You are the closest thing to Amish in LA…how’s the dating…

Read full review

Just as soon as we got out of the car in the quaint, historic town it was like we never left.  Almost felt like CHEERS (talking about the tv show where “everyone knows your name”)!  With a population of only 2,300 and an awesome group of 400+ volunteers working hard at putting on this amazing film festival, the town is buzzing with excitement.

Friday, we had a great interview with some young filmmakers and that evening we wandered around and visited different opening night parties.

Many of the folks we already knew from our last visit.  Now they were coming up to us, sharing their inspiring stories about how their lives have changed for the better since seeing our short film Homegrown Revolution last year.   What a difference a year makes! It is a tremendous and humbling feeling for us to hear from others about how many of them have not only transformed their land but also their life! Nice work, everyone.

Saturday, our family and filmmaker Robert McFalls had an interview with See Jane Do! Here’s the video link to their interview with Robert McFalls and our family.  Please note: unfortunately, they mistakenly linked to our Homegrown Revolution 15 min film instead of  the 52 min Homegrown documentary – oh, well!

Saturday night was the big night. Robert McFalls’s HOMEGROWN was screened to a sold out crowd!  People lined up for hours for tickets.  Of course, all this ticket frenzy was not for us but for Sir Patrick Stewart (of Star Trek Next Generation fame) who was there in person as narrator of another film premier that followed Homegrown.

Yikes, we were given front row seats!  Since only Justin has really seen the Homegrown film from start to finish, we were more than a little bit nervous about seeing/watching/hearing ourselves on the big screen.  (Besides, we were there in person when we were filmed 2 years ago.) While the film played, I happily knitted away on another hat trying not to turn red in embarrassment.

The end.  Well, not so fast.

What surprised us the most is that as soon as the film ended, the audience started clapping which then turned into a thunderous standing ovation!!!!!!!!!

Wow, jeepers! Thanks, everyone!

As the incredible standing “o” continued, we filed up onto the stage for a quick Q & A –  and Robert McFalls asked the crowd to sit down so that we could get some questions in before the next film.

We heard from some of the film festival volunteers afterwards that this was the first time they have ever seen a film receive a standing ovation!  Truly an amazing and unforgettable experience for everyone there that night.

Standing on the stage, we fielded some engaging questions for the audience.  Justin’s short quip to one of them regarding our social life caused quite a stir among the film festival goers.  Someone asked: looks like you guys work 24/7 so how does your social life fit in? To that Justin replied “We’re here.”  The audience just erupted in applause!  Good answer, Justin!

We left the theater to eat and then came back to meet the crowd exiting the theater.  We were off to the side lobby just when Patrick Stewart was leaving – he actually stopped, came over to us and shook our hands telling us how much he enjoyed what he saw and told Farmer D to – and I quote – “live forever!”

We didn’t know until later but, at the opening of the following film that Sir Patrick Stewart introduced, he did make mention about how much he was inspired by what he saw of HOMEGROWN.  We caught up with him again at the Gala party after the films and chatted.

Last day…..

It was time for a workshop with Farmer D.  Sunday afternoon was the Urban Homesteading presentation at City Hall with over 70 people in attendance.  There was a bunch of kids who attended Farmer D presentation and we met up with (younger) fans of our site!  It’s great to see the next generation getting excited over sustainability.  While Farmer D was giving his presentation, we learned some breaking news from the volunteers: Robert McFall’s film had just won People’s Choice Award!!! Thank you, Nevada City!  It is quite an honor!

In the evening, it was time, once again, for the encore screening of Robert McFalls’s HOMEGROWN. which turned out to be sold out/standing room only – sadly about 30 people were left out in the “cold” so to speak.  Farmer D felt badly about it  and went out and greeted/chatted with those left out of the theater.

Before the film, Robert Mcfalls was presented the PEOPLE’s CHOICE AWARD Thanks again to Nevada City!

Once again, after the film our family got up for another round of Q & A.  One thing that I really like was all of the kids – young kids – who were interested.  Teenagers were coming up to me/us after the film saying how much they enjoyed it.

One young man (in his teens) wanted to learn how to make sauerkraut!

During our stay, we also had some interesting and lively dialogue with Chuck Jaffee (read his review of Robert McFalls’s HOMEGROWN) and author Jordan Fisher Smith who mentored under Wendell Berry.  Topics varied from our principle of keeping our site ad free (except for our own businesses), what we are going to do next, to feminism and woman’s roles (ala Wendell Berry philosophy ).

Like to thank the warm folks at Nevada City, Syrcl and the Wild & Scenic film festival and everyone else who made this film event possible.   Thanks again to Patricia and her family who once again put us up for the festival.  Truly appreciate your family’s gracious hospitality!

The entire town wants us back next year; however, being that we aren’t filmmakers but farmers we’ll have to see now won’t we!

Moving on down the mountain to our next destination….

But first some photos!

Back to historic and quaint town of Nevada City.

A fellow knitter (yep a male and teenager too boot – growing youngins’ up well in dem dar hills) shows off his latest knitting creation

After the interview group shot with the young filmmakers of Nevada City

Where to next?

Catching up with activist and filmmaker Deborah Koons Garcia (FUTURE OF FOOD)  and she’s working on her latest film project about soil. Back in 2005 we hosted her and her film (2005 FUTURE OF FOOD Screening)

Interview with Robert McFalls and See Jane Do!

Chuck Jaffee and his wife recount the changes they’ve made in their lives since seeing our Homegrown Revolution film last year.

They started a garden and now are sharing extra produce with friends and neighbors!

Saturday night in the packed historic Nevada Theater (where Mark Twain once performed)

Standing ovation.  Nevada City rocks!

On stage for Q & A

Milling around in the lobby after the film

Jordanne greets some young fans

Sir Patrick Stewart & Farmer D

Group shot

This time visiting, we weren’t going to leave without gazing at the beautiful Yuba River.

Farmer D gives a presentation on urban homesteading

People gather to get into the encore screening of HOMEGROWN

Robert McFalls accepts the people’s choice award ( a beautiful engraved rock from the Yuba River)

Round two, after the encore showing of HOMEGROWN time for some more Q & A

Saying our goodbyes, one of the volunteers asks us to sign her shirt.


  1. Chris says:

    Welcome Home and congratulations on your successful, educational trip. Wish I could have been there! While you were away, I placed my order at I chose to order from you because of your integrity and the outstanding results we see in your photos. I’m so looking forward to hearing more from your travels where you continue to “sow seed” by educating others about the possibilities. With recent political events (ie the latest Supreme Court decision,, Farmer’s D words from Homegrown Revolution ring in my ears. We must affect positive change. You are a glowing example of how we can make this possible in our own lives. Thank you for all that you do!

  2. Rhonda says:

    I’ve always been envious of you and your farm, but meeting my all time favorite celebrity, PATRICK STEWART??!! Jean Luc Picard himself??!! AHHHHHH That just does it. I do believe I’m turning green as I type this!

    As always, you are a great inspiration to me and your site is what got me to start my own little plot in the city. I’ll be planting my Freedom Seeds this spring! Looking forward to some Cherokee Purple tomatoes this year! 🙂

    Take care!!

  3. ~~Melissa says:

    Looks like a wonderful trip. I’m delighted to see Homegrown/Dervaes/Earth Loving fever is contagious!

  4. MEADOW VISTA, FREEDOM GARDENS | Little Homestead in the City says:


  5. Kathy Dotson says:

    Yeah to my favorite SoCal Wild & Scenic family! Thank you again for being our special guests at the film festival – you were the rock stars of the event. I’m excited to come down in April to see the homestead, see you guys, meet the animals and learn more!
    -Kathy Dotson, Wild & Scenic Festival Director

  6. SCENIC DRIVE | Little Homestead in the City says:

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