Natural Lighting: Solar Tube


Back in 2004 when we re-roofed the garage to put on 12 solar panels, one of the best things we did was to install a solar tube on the garage roof

Solar tubes are cylinders lined with mirrors which bring natural light into dark homes or work spaces.  Here on the homestead our garage is a necessary storage space (wine, honey mead, produce and sometimes herbs and seeds) and workshop space so it’s constantly used on a daily basis.

Now, we can walk into the garage during the day and not have to flip on any light switches, conserving energy!

Since we were diy’ing  the whole re-roofing & solar panel installation, the solar tube was easier  and less expensive!) than installing a skylight.  Sun tube lights require no structural alterations as the tube system fits comfortably between rafters and ceiling joists.  A solar tube can usually be installed within two to three hours. 

Tubular Daylighting

Daylighting solar tube lighting systems capture solar energy and transmit the sun’s light through a tube-based system.  This allows for interior areas to be illuminated with natural light.  Not to be misunderstood as conventional skylights, daylight solar tubes are sophisticated natural lighting solutions.  

Sometimes called tubular daylighting devices, solar tubes can be seen as specialized, modern skylights which collect sunlight and then transmit the light through a sophisticated mirrored tube.  The light which emits from the tube is natural sunlight, allowing interior areas to receive natural light.


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