On one of our many hikes in the local mountains a few years back we brought back an pad of cactus which we propagated.   Cactus are easy to grow and you can use both the pads and pears to make simple yet tasty culinary dishes. One of the easiest method of using the pads (or “nopales”)  is to use fresh to top salads or bean dishes (of course remove the spines first!).    The pears makedelicious jam.
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  1. Joanne Poyourow says:

    Wow, where on your tightly cultivated property do you have place to grow cacti with such big spines? I’m about to remove my Mahonia because the leaves are too prickly to enjoy gardening beneath – I can’t even imagine a prickly pear cactus!

    Second question, I was browsing your site and found your “At a Glance” page. Under Growing Methods, would you please describe Dervaes Sr.’s Jungle Style and Dervaes Jr.’s Max-out Method?