… with creativity. Projects abound… only to crash into the immovable barrier of the age-old dilemma: too little time, too many ideas.

It’s Jordanne again, the girl behind the site (actually SITES, as in the plural form). The one whose brain feels a bit too much like a computer these days. Honestly, when I begin to process life as if it exists through the tags of cascading style sheets, it’s time to start seriously consider what I am doing.

So, in effort to preserve my sanity… (Not sure if any remnant exists to preserve, but anyhoo…), I am asking for assistance. For those who know me… yes, that’s right, I am asking for help. Never thought you’d see the day, eh?

Almost ready projects waiting in the wings :

  • 100 Foot Diet Community Site
  • Homegrown Revolution (real-time documentation of our 10,000 lb challenge)
  • Dervaes Institute Non-profit Website
  • Urban Homestead Community Site


  • Super-duper Photogallery. (In which we share with our readers the hundreds of photographs that fill several external harddrives)
  • Updated Event Calendar. (Hey, if we finish these many web projects, the events may start up again!!!)
  • Redesign of Path to (Okay, this will be a huge project that actually scares the bejeebers out of me. But, I’m also excited about the many ideas for it that will take the strain off me in keeping it going)
  • Editing and launch of the much promised, but sadly pushed aside: Part II – the Urban Homestead Manual

This journal, although launched, is not finished. There are tweaks, features, plugins and ideas I have for it. But the heck is in the details.

Currently I am working with a programmer for Peddler’s Wagon and a skilled WordPress authority (Hi Brianna P!) but as you can see, our projects are many. If I want to finish/launch/share anything in the near future so I can move on to other things like sharing videos, how-tos, booklets with our readers, I need to get out from under this load.

So if you can squash bugs (not the aphid kind), have css skills, know wordpress widgets, like to research and find the best programs or know of a friend or a company in the website sector you have dealt with that you recommend, send me an email: jordanne(at)

I know there are many companies out there, but I am giving the huge readership on journal a shot because I am looking for the personal touch — someone I can get right into the project(s) with.

If you think you might be the techie person that can help, send me an email with your facts and details as well as your per job rates. And, let me know if you would like to “stick it to the man” and be paid with Peddler’s Wagon dollars. Yup, that’s right. We don’t need no stinkin’ money. Let’s barter! You could end up with a Solar Oven. And a Soil Block Maker. Or one of these fun little beauties.

And I will thank you. Fairlight and Blackberry will thank you. The hens will thank you. Cassidy will thank… uh… I don’t think she’ll thank you. People sitting at computers make for comfortable and warm laps to snuggle in!


  1. P~ says:

    Jordanne, My Honey-do list is pretty long too, but I am a full time visual basic web-programmer and I’d love to help if I can. I don’t have a bunch of experience with the WordPress widgets, but that’s never stopped me before. I couldn’t find your direct email on the site anywhere, so I’m just posting here; you can just delete this message when your done with it. I believe you have access to my email through this post though. Feel free to send me a note with some of your ideas about what you need done and I’ll get back to you with where I think I can be the most help. Sound good?

    P.S. I love to “Stick it to the man!!”, besides I’ve been eying your Country living Grain Mill, maybe I could make a little dent in the cost of that.

  2. Anais says:

    Thanks P~ for your generous offer to help out. Seems like you are the only one that’s responded …. so far!

    I have alterted my sis to your offer. Hopefully she’ll get back to you soon.

    Thanks again!

  3. rick says:

    Hi Jordanne & Anais,
    I’ve been reading this blog for years. I would love to help out. Like P~, I can’t find your email either! So please get in touch with me via the email from the comment or my contact form:

    I have experience with WordPress, Drupal, PHP/Code Igniter, Ruby/Ruby on Rails. All standards-based, valid XHTML and valid CSS.

  4. rick says:

    I forgot to mention Javascript/Ajax (and I’m sure I’m forgetting other stuff too!)

  5. emi z. says:


    I live in Israel on a place very much like yours. This is a dry country so we recycle all our greywater directly to our mesh-netted food garden and shower in the sun, courtesy of a looong 2′ pipe that brings us water.
    Other than the endless projects this lifestyle brings along and our first baby boy due in nov., i am also a computer techie in the communication/linux admintration/security bussines. If there is anything you need in any of those fields, i’d be happy to oblige – for free if it’s a small thing, for peddler dollars if large.
    Keep on the path, we are looking up to you !


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