Painted lady visits the urban homestead

Where Have All The (Wild) Flowers (and Wildlife) Gone?

Over the years we’ve noticed an increase in wildlife and insects that take refuge in our yard from birds, bees to butterflies. Late summer eye candy time when one spot all sorts of different butterflies – painted ladies, monarchs, swallowtails.   Unfortunately, this year we’ve spotted very few partially because the wildflowers and butterfly plants bloomed and faded within a matter of weeks from the extreme heat.

Could it be global warming or lack of rainfall this year. The meagerly 3 inches that fell failed to bring out the wildflowers that normally cover the hills and mountains. This year was so dry there wasn’t even the famous California Poppy Fields that folks drive miles to see and these insects and more are so dependent on the native flowers. No rain, low snow pack experts are calling it the ‘The Perfect Drought’ – we are in deep trouble sad to say.
Time to get serious about water conservation efforts — Water Conservation Portal


Back to Basics – Shaving

Justin spotted a survey TreeHugger had on shaving. Normally Justin goes around with a fair amount of manly stubble, but when he does shave he does it the old fashion way – he earns a good shave. He uses a everlasting straight razor just like he came straight out of an old western movie and in my opinion is a more sustainable way of shaving… if you have to shave.   I asked Justin the other day how long he’s been using the same menacing cut-throat blade: for over 10 years. Wow!  He’s gotten the hang of it gingerly wielding that sharp piece of steal across his face. Some days, however, being in a hurry a slip can draw blood.   Doing things the old fashion way one appreciates the time it takes for the task – these days speed and convenience has taken away that appreciation.

The lure of the straight razor {LifeStyle}

Straight razors almost went the way of the crank engine and ringer-washing machine, but they’re making a big comeback.In a time of space-age, five-bladed “shaving systems,” men are increasingly gambling with their jugulars to rediscover the pleasures of an old-school shave
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Anais stands among the giants

Over Our Heads

.. in Eggplant… peppers not far behind.

With recent news report of top soil being lost at an amazing rate (Inch of topsoil needs 500 years), here in our backyard we are gaining soil. We are “growing up in the world.”   Soil is the future of a homegrown revolution™   It’s a matter of taking care of what you have where you are… small changes equal deep impact.

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  1. Florence says:

    We had the fewest Monarch butterflies that we have ever had. We have a large patch of butterfly weed which usually gets stripped of leaves 2-3 times by the Monarch caterpillars but this year–
    the plants were never eaten. Very sad not to see those glorious butterflies this year. Also, our usual crowd of hummingbirds was down to just 3 this year where we have had 30 not so long ago.

  2. Fern says:

    My parsley has a lovely assortment of Swallowtail caterpillars, four of them on the plant that is going to seed. None on the younger plants. They nibble, nap, and crap, and look stunningly beautiful even in this stage of their life.