Pitchin’ pine

We spent Sunday morning moving the pile of pine mulch throughout the yard. We have a few bins left over that we’ll use in our neighbor’s yard to help his weed problem. The area with the garden beds keeps getting higher and higher.  It’s a weird feeling to look down at the neighbor’s yard. Of course it’s extra high with the new layer of mulch which will compact down. But, until it does, it’s a pretty neat feeling.  

The mulch came just in time. It will help hold the moisture from the rains and keep it from evaporating too quickly. We’ve been mulching our place with free tree clippings for years and years.

There’s more mulch to be had! If you are interested in a load of free pine mulch, I am posting this offer onFreecycle

We took a drive out to Norco (about 50 miles away) to visit a lady’s goat farm. Sunday, traffic was light on the freeway and the scenery was lovely (lush green mountains with a few clouds shrouding the tops, beautiful vistas). There was the occasional ugliness of strip malls and miles and miles of track homes.    Having never been to Norco, as we pulled  into the little town you could definitely tell it was a country sort of town – horses, feed stores were everywhere. Local folks were even riding their horses on main street!

Goat galore – Jordanne & JB checking out goats

We arrived 30 minutes early so we parked the car in front of the lady’s house and took a walk around the neighborhood. There were no paved sidewalks – just dirt which had been used by many a horse. Every home seem to have animals – either chickens, horses, goats and sheep.

After our little jaunt around the neighborhood, we arrived back to the car and were greeted by Betsy (the goat lady) who inquired if this was our car. We said yes and said that we were here to see the goats. She sounded relieved and we wondered why. She went on to say that her husband saw  three teenagers get out of the car and she took us for drug buyers!   That’s a first! We all had a good laugh.  Seems she’s been having a bit of a problem with the neighbor across the street selling drugs and they assumed that we were up to no good.   So not even in this “one horse town” can you still find ugly problems.
Betsy was really passionate about her goats and we liked that since they weren’t just animals to her. She introduced us to all her named goats– must have had about 30 or so.

The newborn babies were so adorable and the girl goats were very, very friendly wanting our attention , especially Jordanne’s. Animals for some strange reason seem to be attracted to Jordanne like a magnet and Betsy was surprised to see one of her shy goats come right up to Jordanne and want to be petted.   I remarked that we refer to Jordanne sometimes as Ms Doolittle because she has this unique way with animals. Jordanne definitely has ” animal magnetism.”

As our visit to the goat farm ended, Jordanne told the lady what she wanted – sex and color. The new batch of babies should be born sometime this week and we’ll have to wait and see if we get the call.

To top off the day, on the way home we stopped off at a favorite little foothill town of ours, Sierra Madre, to eat “dinner” in a cute little park they have in the center of town. The day started out nice and sunny, but by the time we arrived at the park it was cloudy, windy and cold. We found a spot that fortunately had a few last rays of sun shinning on the grass — and it happened to be right next to the really wonderfuland tidy community garden – perfect.

What a day! We learned a lot about goats, ourselves and our surroundings.


  1. Amy says:

    Those little goats are the cutest creatures! It sounds like you had a nice outing.

    The granny squares (below) are coming along nicely. 🙂

  2. shannon says:

    all I can say is Yeahhhhhh Goats. You will have such a good time getting to know your goat!

  3. claire says:

    I like goats, nice creatures. they especially like to be told the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. people have laughed at me when I have told them this but I have witnesses!!

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