Toads are of essential service, especially in a garden, to eat up cabbage worms, caterpillars, etc. –  Farmer’s Almanac

Remember this little guy/gal we spotted last year amongst the tomatoes?

Lookie what Justin Dervaes found last week hiding in the cool sand under a self-watering pot! Wonder if that’s the same toad we spied last year?  Sure looks like it is, just grown a wee bigger.

Still quite curious how it got here amidst the concrete jungle?

What new critters have you spotted in your garden?

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  1. Nancy R says:

    I have chickens in my yard, but obviously I know how they got there. After a long wait, I finally got someone to build a chicken coop for me, and it is a beauty. Looks almost like a little yellow Key West house. We are allowed 4 chickens in our town. When I went to the feed store to get them, they had Rhode Island Reds & Americanas, so I got 2 of each. I’m loving them so much.

    The builder and I also rescued a black rat snake that got horribly tangled up in net I put over my lettuce. I won’t do that again.

  2. Lori says:

    We live in the country & I saw 1 little toad last yr. I was very happy. I remember as a child find many toads..even finding little tadpoles on occasion. I worry my grandkids may never see such a thing…so sad.

  3. Nelson says:

    They are a great alternative to the use of pesticides. They thrive on insects and can eat thousands of them. You never want to remove a toad from it’s natural habitat and place it in your garden. They will move in by themselves if the environment is what they are use too.

  4. James says:

    I have many lizards in my backyard. Those guys run away fast when I water my plants.

  5. Caroline Scott says:

    We moved from Riverside County to South Georgia. What a change….the biggest being water. There is a lot of water….ponds, lakes, rain. So there are lots of frogs, toads, tree frogs, peepers (one that sounds like the Starship Enterprise). They always surprise me when I am out there working in my little veggie garden when they hop away. The second year here, it had rained so much we had long standing puddles. In my veggie bed I had pole beans growing….right next to them I had tadpoles in a puddle. A definite first for me.
    I love watching what you and your family are up to, the changes you have made and the produce you grow. Keep it up!

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