Homegrown tomatoes, homemade tomato sauce

“What the country needs is dirtier fingernails and cleaner minds.”
— Will Rogers

Touch of Fall

We’re so enjoying cooler temps. Even though we’re at a warm 100 degrees, it’s a comfortable dry, more normal heat that we are used to.   Just the ideal weather to get back to tasks at hand here on the urban homestead.   Some of which would be preserving, planting, caring, tending, planning and more.

Fall garden preparations are already underway!

Water Harvesting from Down Under

Next week we’re expecting some guests from Austrailia who will be bringing with them a few of the long anticipated Water HOGS.   Unfortunately, these space saving water harvest systems aren’t available in the United States yet; however, Sally, the owner/designer is working on that a the moment.


Hopefully back on track….

Months have passed (where does the time go?), but we’ve finally had time to send out another issue of PTF’s newsletter ‘ Tracks.’  

With the hot weather forcing us inside most of last week, we hope that we got finally the kinks worked out with the new email software system.   Now, if for some reason you are still having trouble viewing the latest issue of Tracks there’s one of two things that we ask you do to.

1. Since this email comes to you via html format, it may be possible that these emails are being blocked by fire walls or filtering mechanisms that are installed on your computer, so we askthat you make necessary adjustments.
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Want close friends? Log off the Internet {MSNBC}

Researchers say face-to-face interaction key to strong bondsYORK, England – Having a huge network of online buddies does not mean you have any more close friends than the rest of us, a British researcher said on Monday.Social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace are changing the nature of how people connect by making it easy to collect hundreds of friends and acquaintances online.“Our data suggests weak ties are (more common) but there is no difference in the number of close friends people have,” said Will Reader, an evolutionary psychologist at Sheffield Hallam University.
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URBAN AGRICULTURE: The fruits (& veggies) of our labor {NOLA}

In what ways will the new New Orleans resemble its former self?If neighborhood and food activists have their way, the city may once again have a system of thriving neighborhood fresh markets.Two years after catastrophic flooding, many areas are still without easy access to fresh food. Neighborhood farmers markets are seen as part of the solution.
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{Would really like to go back to New Orleans one day, see family and how things have changed – for the better}
<:: Field Hand Appreciation:: GM $20. PTF appreciates your continued support and generosity.

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    Just an idea after reading the New Orleans column – have you considered moving back there and doing much the same thing as you are doing in Pasadena? Growing the fresh produce to sell in the markets, restaurants, etc.? I don’t know much about real estate, but seems like you could get more land for less money. Also, aren’t there grants etc available for the rebuilding of the city? To me there is something very appealing about the idea of helping the city recover.

    Just a thought!