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Living Off the Land / Jules, Anais, Justin & Jordanne Dervaes
Seems like no matter where you live…no matter how “cold” your climate…you can “always” buy cantaloupes in the dead of winter. That’s because food is shipped to our stores from all over the world. This “availability” comes at a price — lots of energy consumption and carbon dioxide emissions…from the transportation alone. But there’s something we all can do to cut down on that. And it’s as simple as buying food at the local farmer’s markets, if we can’t grow it ourselves. Think you don’t have enough room to grow your own food? Just check out this family farm from Pasadena, California. The Dervaes family is totally committed to living a self-sustaining lifestyle. They’re the extreme, sure, but we can all grow a few herbs on the windowsill. You won’t believe how much food the Dervaes’ raise in this tiny lot, and it all began with one small step…like the herbs. Visit the Dervaes summer garden and their web site, to learn more about their farming methods.
[Note: this segment was filmed right after the “deep freeze” back in January so the yard looks pretty bare]

and a quickie DIY clip

ENERGY DEMO / Oven & Pizza Box / Anais DervaesToday we’ve seen so many small things you can do to make an impact on conserving energy. And while some were as easy as changing a lightbulb, others can be a little more complicated but a lot more fun. Anais Dervaes is a member of the Dervaes family from Pasadena that we met earlier in today’s show. She came up with an unique way to save energy while cooking. And we thought it would be fun to share with you. All you need is a pizza box.
In some of our upcoming shows, Anais will be demonstrating some other fun, “energy saving experiments” you can try at home.