babytoms-08.jpgMore tomato seedlings

Somebody on the urban homestead has an heirloom tomato addiction – who shall remain nameless! And look at all those varieties growing just on one shelf of the greenhouse…

Green Sausage, Spears Green, Mask Green, Plum Lemon and more.

Is there ever a cure for HTA, I’m afraid not. Once infected the only remedy is to grow more tomatoes!

What new heirloom tomato varieties are you, our readers, growing this year?  Also what’s your ultimate favorite heirloom tomato? Of the hundreds of varieties we grow, I would have to say Cherokee Purple and Pineapple are a few of my favorites.

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  1. Devin Quince says:

    Silly question, but would be willing to explain what a heirloom tomato is and what makes it different than a non-heirloom?

  2. Lee says:

    I’m growing Siberian Tomatoes this year which I think is Heirloom. They are fast growing 57-60 days and I am hoping to beat the ravenous FL bugs that made a mess of my tomatoes by Late July last year!

  3. Anais says:


    There’s no such thing as a silly question!

    An heirloom tomato is an open-pollinated (non-hybrid) cultivar of tomato. Heirloom tomatoes have become increasingly popular and more readily available in recent years.

  4. Anais says:


    We grew Siberians last Fall. They are a popular “cool weather/ winter” tomato here in So Cal.

    Florida does have it’s share of nasty bugs (and snakes!) … I would know since I grew up there! 😉

    Happy growing and good luck fighting off those bugs.


  5. Lucy says:

    I am growing Persimmon and Arkansas Traveler. Wish I had more room!

  6. Anais says:


    We’ve grown those too! I’ll have to ask Mr Tomato Guy how they grew.

    Ah, more room! Yes indeedy more room is a common phrase amongst us gardeners isn’t it? 😉


  7. Renee says:

    I am also an HTA and there is absolutely no cure. It’s just me and my husband at home, yet I am growing five heirloom tomato varieties: yellow pear, black cherry, pink accordion, copia, and jersey giant.

    I foresee a fall spent doing lots of canning!


  8. Melissa says:

    Not sure if its an heirloom, but my fav is “Striped Roman”, a gorgeous elongated red fleshy tomato with fiery orange stripes. absolutely delicious.

  9. Ag Geek says:

    Kellogg’s Breakfast amazed me last year. Other faves are Cherokee Purple and Kosovo.

  10. Anais says:

    Thanks for sharing everyone, keep us posted on your success this year.

    Happy plantings!

  11. PhoenixJen says:

    I’m wondering if your 12 ft tomato is still growing strong or if you finally took it down?


  12. Anais says:

    Yes, we just recently took the monster tomato down – it was turning all dead/brown and we cut it back hoping it would grow back.

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