justin.jpg What’s the world coming too? Justin not wearing any of his urban camo? He tells me the shirt’s second hand…. ok, you’re excused.

How are you liking the continued improvements to the journal?

If you haven’t noticed now there’s now a photo of the entry poster you readers can easily see which one of us is posting.

Jordanne is working hard at making this journal user and reader friendly so if you like (or don’t) what you see – your feedback is greatly appreciated. Such web improvements are made possible by reader’s support

Farmer Justin joined us this week and hopefully he’ll contribute more often — when he’s not busy making soil blocks and planting seeds. Perhaps he can make public his planting addiction… it’s the first step in addiction recovery right? I’m telling you this addiction is quite serious. Nothing can keep this guy away from getting his hand dirty – well, perhaps for one of Jordanne’s delicious desserts or a fixer upper/found on the side of the road neglected bike. He loves farming and growing things, what better addiction/ occupation could you ask for. Unfortunately, he can’t turn to any one of us for support because we too have similar symptoms. The situation is just hopeless.

I, too, have another sort of problem. There a just too many pictures and posts that are waiting in queue. Be prepared for another posting blitz soon to help clear out the backlog of entries.

Oh, and tonight we’ll be “out and about” this time the USC campus…. details to come.

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  1. Emily B says:

    I am enjoying all the new improvements to the journal, it seems everytime I come online there is something new to look at or another little ‘thingy’ added somewhere!
    You are all doing such a wonderful job, and this new PTF site is incredible it certainly made the wait worth while!


  2. Anais says:

    Thank you EmilyB for commenting. Glad you are liking the new improvements. Jordanne is doing a fabulous job and it’s wonderful when we/she get’s feedback from our readers acknowledging all her hard work and effort.

    Thank you!

  3. Hannah says:

    I saw the great trellises you guys use for tomatoes I think in your photos today. They look like they are made from concrete reinforcing, but they curve out at the top. I was wondering if you make them yourselves or buy them, as they look like they would be great both for picking and getting the light in to the plants.


  4. Anais says:

    Greetings Hannah

    The trellises are made by a local artist friend of ours. We attached his 1/2 metal arch trellises to the concrete block wall that borders our property.

    They are his unique design/creation but I am sure if you knew someone who could weld you could easily replicated.

    We tried them out last year as tomato trellises and they really grew well – especially in such a tight space.


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