Wild bee colony in a sprinkler unit

Like bees to honey, the wild bees swarm the nuc box

No gloves, no veil, no problem for this 35 year veteran beekeeper.

With our bee colonies just barely hanging on (no thanks to varroa, aka vampire,  mite) it was time to visit the wild “feral”  hive in the Arroyo Seco that we’ve been passing on our weekly goat walks for over two (or more) years.

Along with essential oil drenches, sticky traps and grease patties, we’ve been freezing our frames and Beekeeper D  has isolated our queens.  With this wild batch of bees we are hoping to bring in some new bee blood before winter sets in.

We’ll see how it goes.

UPDATE: Good news, we caught the queen!


  1. CJ says:

    get well soon Bees D.

  2. Bonnie says:

    Hope it goes well! Let me know if you need some bees. I have 3 hives now and I could give you some frames of open brood.

    I don’t do anything to mine — no treatments whatsoever. We did a cutout last November, and those are my gentlest and strongest hive — four mediums now. All I did was feed them Bennett’s honey last winter. I use foundationless frames, letting the bees regress back to the smaller cells. So far so good, even in very dry country here.

    I have another one from a swarm capture last spring. That hive swarmed, we captured it, and so swarmy baby makes three. Those bees are a little twitchier, so we kept a closer eye on them after that. Live and learn.

  3. Joy Giles says:

    When one door closes, another will open. Hope the new bees work out for you all. With the support group you have, their will be hands extended to help.

    • Anais says:

      @Joy Giles: Thanks~

      • Broken Gooding says:

        @Anais, How does one capture a queen? I had a hive but am self-taught, and there is much I still have to learn…though I was forced to give my hive away by my spouse…He had no desire to learn to live with bees and he thew out all my honey too.

        • Ann says:

          @Broken Gooding,

          That was nasty! I can understand being afraid of a beehive close by, but to throw away your honey??!! That I can’t get my head around!!!

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