More baby chicks arrive

The second batch of baby chicks arrived yesterday, bringing the total to about 100 baby chicks that have come through here these past three weeks. Right now with this most recent batch, there are about 80 now. A few are going to homes today and Saturday; the rest will be raised to pullet size.   We plan on keeping 6 or 8, depending.

The first batch are sprouting feathers every which way and are looking like gawky teenagers who need some lessons in hair styling!   Yesterday was our first warm and sunny day for awhile (it’s been overcast and cloudy — we even got some rain!) so we brought the 2 weekers outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine and they had a ball.

When we brought them back in towards evening, they all konked out like tired kids after a hard play day.

This new batch of chickens has more bantam varieties and they are sooo cute! Banties are just so tiny and adorable.

More photos soon….

Paper or plastic? Bring your own bag

“When it comes to paper and plastic, the answer is neither,” said Altose, a state Department of Ecology spokesman, because “it’s kind of a draw” as to which is worse for the environment.The best choice, he stressed, and stressed again, is a canvas tote or other reusable bag — “a solution that is in the hands of every consumer.”OK, Larry, so what kind of bag do you use to take your groceries home? We’re guessing canvas, right?
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Befriend bees [Sunset]

Bees, so important to our gardens, are in trouble. Here’s how to help them in your own backyard Before a flower can set seed or form fruit, it needs to be pollinated. Though some plants are pollinated by bats, birds, butterflies, moths, and wasps, most of the work is done by bees. Bees are in serious trouble, though. Their numbers are in sharp decline, mainly because of shrinking habitat. Fortunately, bees have some dedicated advocates like the Xerces Society. And home gardeners can help too. Here’s what you can do to promote a bee-friendly environment in your garden.
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  1. Kathi says:

    Any chance you would consider carrying these items? I am going to try to make one and then have my Girl Scout troop learn to make them. Just not sure of my handiness.