Little peeps

Last Batch

The last batch of day old chickens arrived from the hatchery yesterday. This third batch was not planned, but we needed to replace the dozen or so banties that we lost in the second batch due to post office mishandling.    The hatchery ships no less than 25 chicks and was going to throw in 16 or so free roosters with the dozen replacements. Of course, here in the city it’s a hard enough time finding (good) homes for hens let alone roosters.   So we went ahead and purchased 16 heirloom breeds, many of which are on the critical watch list, in hopes of finding good homes for them.  

As soon as the chicks arrive they are immediately placed in the brooder and given sugar water. For food we add warm water to organic chicken starter feed with a little honey and dried kelp granules. After the sugar water we then rotate with fresh water and water that has a couple tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.    We don’t want to keep them under artificial light/heat too long, so after about two weeks raised in the brooder, we start to bring them outside in the sunshine and feed them greens from the garden.  

How cute!

Belgian Banties

The hatched d’uccles are doing well.   Well, except for one.  There’s one small runt that needs attending too. It’s having a bit of trouble with it’s legs and we’ve put a rubber band and a bandaid around it’s legs in hopes will help it walk better.   The chick’s a little weak so we are giving it drops of honey mixed with red wine, colloidal silver and rescue remedy.