cover081.jpg :: SALE :: Attention all Victory Gardeners save $2.00 on GARDENING BY THE MOON CALENDAR.

Growing your own food? These calendars are full of growing informative to help make this growing season a more productive one.

Gardening by the phases of the moon is a technique that can speed the germination of your seeds by working with the forces of nature. There is always something to do in the garden, and this unique tool shows you the best days for planting by the phase and sign of the moon. It will keep you on track with your garden activities all year long .

By working with the forces of nature you can have a more abundant harvest. The lunar gravitational pull increases the moisture in the soil at the time of the new and full moon, encouraging germination and growth.

Colorful printed wall calendar for a full year of gardening information. Size: 11″ x 17″

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