Many of our readers have really gotten into the monthly donation idea that I “wrote out loud” about.  A few even asked if there was a simple and easy way to pledge their monthly support.

Now you can!  Thanks to Pay Pal you can easily pledge to donate $1, $5 or $10 a month  Remember all donations are tax deductible under Dervaes Institute 508(c)(1)(A)

Pledge $1.20 a month (remember Pay Pal takes a small % )

Pledge $5.20 a month (remember Pay Pal takes a small % )

Pledge $10.20 a month (remember Pay Pal takes a small % )

Curious as the what your donations supports.  Webhosting, online resources, education outreach, community events are all made possible with your generous contributions.

Thank you


  1. Meg says:

    Hi guys…it appears there may be a problem with the URLs as provided, as all it does is take me to screen to log in to my account….so I do so, and then it just takes me to my main account overview page. I tried, after I was logged in, going back to your site and clicking the link again, but all keep getting is my account overview page at Paypal, no subscription page to set up a specified monthly donation. Would love to do so! Thanks!


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    […] a noticeable thank you to four of our loyal readers (AJ  MM  LE  MA) who opted in to monthly support LHITC this year with either a $5 or $10 donations.  Thank […]

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