Need a gift?

Looking at stock up on supplies for your homestead, then consider browsing our online store that contains a wagon full of goods and supplies for the modern homemaker, gardener, homesteader in your life.

Here’s some gift suggestions for that special person in your life

Get back to basics with the Homestead Blessings DVD collection

Growing your own? This sturdy Wire Basket is a must in the garden. Very handy for washing the dirt of veggies before bringing them into the kitchen

Learn to make your own soap with this complete natural, organic Soap Making Kit

Homegrown and Organic sign to add a bit of charm to the kitchen

Old is new again. Ollas (are selling like hot cakes!) are clay pots that are 80% more efficient than drip irrigation.

Keep the sun off with this sturdy Garden Hat

Get dirty! This nifty Soil Block maker is perfect tool for the home gardener.

Keep your flock healthy, check out Natural Poultry Supplements

Have loads of produce and would like to start putting up the harvest? Ball’s Canning Kit will get you started

Not to mention there’s a many a item on sale, so please check it out. We could really use your support.

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    Do you have a catalog that you can mail to me? Thank you in advance for your assistance.


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