When it rains it pours….

Jordanne hurt her eye; she accidentally cut the side of her eyeball. Thank God for small miracles because it could have been worse.

Jules’ foot that he sprained awhile back is acting up.

The ongoing crisis that’s looming over the urban homestead hasn’t yet been resolved. We remain hopeful, but one can never be sure. Thank you very much to all those who commented sending positive thoughts and prayers our way.

Growing The Future

Reaches 30%! Thanks to RW for $25.00 and LM for $100donation 

Down From The Mountain

Early Monday morning Justin spotted a coyote on the street/sidewalk in front of our house. We hadn’t seen one in this neighborhood for years.  We guess they are looking for food and water since the winter rains were scarce this year.   Now we have to worry about our cats and other barnyard animals.

PTF featured in ‘Alerta Mundial’

A 57 minute documentary released in Mexico about Global Warming – focusing on both problems & solutions.

“Alerta Mundial, Calentamiento Global (World Alert, Global Warming), should be in stores by the firsts days of June, the price is around $129.90 MXP and it includes a flyer with info about Global Warming and recommendations to prevent it.”


Lawn binge [Boston.com]

BY VOLUME, America’s biggest drinking problem isn’t alcohol: It’s lawn watering.Home lawn and landscape irrigation consumes an average of more than 8 billion gallons of water daily, equivalent to 14 billion six-packs of beer. One-third of all residential water use in the United States is devoted to irrigation, estimates the US Environmental Protection Agency. Many cities and some states in the Southeast and Southwest, the country’s fastest growing regions and those with the tightest water supplies, report that 50 percent of their residential water use is outdoors, primarily for lawns.
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In the early 1990s Jules smothered the lawn under a layer of newspapers and free tree mulch and hasn’t looked back since!
Are you eating dinner on a piece of rainforest? [Reuters]

LONDON (Reuters) – Love your new dining room table … but did you ask the salesman whether it’s made from chopped up rainforest trees?A growing number of furniture shoppers are doing just that when they buy new home decor, concerned about the effects of shrinking rainforests on global warming and the extinction of rare species of flora and fauna that inhabit these forests.
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  1. Clare says:

    Still sending you all good healing energy…. just wanted you to know.

  2. Stephanie Griffith says:

    I hope you guys are OK!

  3. JAN says:

    Brave ones! Whatever is troubling you, may it lift away. May your tenacious roots sink deep into the nourishing earth and find cool water so you may keep lush and growing.

  4. Jamie says:

    sending healing thoughts..glad Jordy is ok, I hope Jules starts taking it a little easier.(hard I know) I hope the other issues resolve themselves in your favor. You are strong !! Stay positive (as I’m sure you will)

  5. Helen says:

    Our family has been lifting your family up in prayer ~ may He heal your wounds and bring peace to your hearts.

  6. Nancy Kelly says:

    My thoughts are with you, Jordanne, I so hope your eye is better – ow! I know you do homeopathy, but be sure to get some antibiotics too, an eye is too precious to fool with!

    Jules, feel better!

    Crisis over the homestead? Don’t know what it is, but I do know all things work to the good….the resolution will be for the highest good I know.

    You folks are probably like me, too busy to have time for a crisis, so I hope it goes away soon. Because I know the animals/plants won’t/can’t wait.


  7. Jeff says:

    I hope Jules and Jordanne heal well and fast.

  8. gina says:

    Sending lots of hugs to you and your family!

  9. karen hirsch says:

    Dear Neighbors – We are sending our healing thoughts. Please let us know if we help.

    (I saw two coyotes in Brenner Park a few months ago. Yes, strange to see so far down here.)

  10. Katie says:

    Lifting you all up in prayer.

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