Eco-sinners offered ‘green confessions {The Times}

LONDON – Forgotten to recycle any newspapers or cans recently? Feeling guilty because you neglected to carbon-offset your flight to somewhere, anywhere, this summer?The Roman Catholic Church is at hand with a new line of “green confessions” to help eco-sinners to find forgiveness from God.
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Can you buy a greener conscience? {LATimes}

It was a ridiculously good deal with one problem: So far, it has not led to any additional emissions reductions.Beneath the feel-good simplicity of buying your way to carbon neutrality is a growing concern that the idea is more hype than solution.
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Getting the goods on green celebs {LATimes}

They’ve gotten plenty of mileage from the eco-bandwagon, but now no garbage can is being left unturned.NO, it’s not easy being green, least of all for Hollywood A-listers living in jaw-dropping decadence. Solar panels on a 50,000-square-foot manse in Malibu just don’t scream “Live simply!” Ditto hopping onto a private plane to get to the Live Earth concert.On the surface, celebrities have become prickly and defensive when the subject of their green habits comes up. The new standard mea culpa is “No one’s perfect.” “We’re all trying the best we can, truly we really are,” said an exasperated Leonardo DiCaprio in May. But even the subtext of that quote reveals a good bit of genuine confusion out there. When you’re extravagantly rich and high-profile, just where is the line between flat-out decadence and mindful, green luxury? Does one cross-country ride in a private jet cancel out the vegetarianism and the bamboo floors? Is the only answer total asceticism?
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Overdosing The Earth {Common Dreams}

We shy away from our fear and grief about climate change because they are so huge, but that hugeness is also to our advantage, because the hugeness of these ‘dark’ emotions reveals the hugeness of our love for our world and our sense of responsibility for it. This hugeness is the untapped power we have to draw on to complete the work of the Sustainability Revolution.
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More people, more concrete, and lots more heat in Phoenix {CSMonitor}

An ‘urban heat island’ effect, fed by the city’s growth, is trapping heat and making temperatures soar.
While news of global warming becomes as common as the wheeze of air conditioners here, Phoenix is fighting a different, if related, problem. In part because of heavy growth – particularly in the Phoenix metro area – heat is being reflected, trapped, and absorbed in concrete, rooftops, and a maze of buildings that blocks wind. At the same time, there’s little vegetation to absorb the heat, and high energy usage generates more. It’s called the “urban heat-island effect,” and whatever the impact of global warming here, this phenomenon is sending the mercury rising. On Tuesday, Phoenix tied the all-time record of 28 days at 110 degrees or greater in one summer, reached in 1979 and again in 2002. If the temperature rises to 110 degrees one more day this year, Phoenix will set a record.
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Only 23% Americans Don’t Recycle {TreeHugger}

The poll also revealed a stark regional division across the U.S. or A.: East and West coasters were more likely to recycle (88 percent and 86 percent, respectively), while only 67 percent of people living in the South and 70 percent in the Midwest bothered to do so.
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Food prices set to surge 50 per cent within five years {The Age}

But a more important global force is climate change — or at least developments around climate change, such as the new limitations on land use and the push (especially in the US) to replace petrol with biofuel.In the US biofuel quotas from the Bush Administration are prompting a big increase in the price of corn. In the same way our higher milk prices push up butter and cheese prices, higher US corn prices push up the price of beef.But the biggest driver behind rising food prices is widening appetites in China and India, where more than 2 billion people who once got by on a largely vegetarian diet are aspiring to diets like you, me or Homer Simpson.
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:: B2B SOLUTION :: Start your own HOMEGROWN REVOLUTION™… grow closer to home.
The Hundred-Mile Diet {The Nation}

In an era when transcontinental food consumption has exploded–the value of international food trade is up threefold since 1960, the tonnage of food shipped between nations up fourfold (while population has only doubled)–Olschewski and his ilk are a beleaguered minority, to be sure. But their numbers across the nation are growing. They even have a name: They call themselves localvores.
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Global food crisis looms as climate change and population growth strip fertile land {The Guardian}

Climate change and an increasing population could trigger a global food crisis in the next half century as countries struggle for fertile land to grow crops and rear animals, scientists warned yesterday.To keep up with the growth in human population, more food will have to be produced worldwide over the next 50 years than has been during the past 10,000 years combined, the experts said.
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Pope to youth: Save planet ‘before it is too late’ {MSNBC}

Making one of his strongest environmental appeals to date Benedict said: “Courageous choices that can re-create a strong alliance between man and earth must be made before it is too late.”
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Meanwhile on our side of town not very good news I’m afraid. Having been a resident and grown up in racially mixed NW Pasadena sad to see this stuff happening.
Racial Tensions, Violence, Afflicting Northwest Pasadena {KABC}

Adding to dozens of violent attacks on the streets of Pasadena carried out by African-American teenagers against Latino men, there has been another attack.
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