Listen to the rhythm of the falling … Oh listen to the falling rain Pitter patter pitter patter…

It’s been steadily raining for hours overnight and is still raining this morning. What a blessing this amount of rain is such late in the season. I believe we are nearing over an inch, I’ll have to check the rain gauge when we go out and feed the animals this morning.

The plants are loving the deep soaking rain. I believe they’ve grown inches overnight. Rain certainly does wonders. Better than any bagged fertilizer or water from the hose for the most part.

The animals, on the other hand, are CA grown (raised on sunshine and smog) They aren’t used rain. Though nice and dry, Blackberry is peeved over this late season storm. She occasionally voices her displeasure with slightly agitated bleat when she see us. She acts like we control the weather, as if we can make it stop! Silly nanny goat.

:: Field Hand Appreciation :: CK $25 and the wonderful gift of Belgian chocolates! Thank you very much. With all the web work that’s piling up chocolate certainly give the brain cells a much needed boost.

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  1. Susan says:

    My cats also think I can control the weather. In the first week or so of hot summer weather they will keep looking at me and meowing in a demanding tone. I know they are thinking, “It’s too hot! Why did you do this? Stop it right now!” After a while they realize I may be able to open the bag of cat food but am otherwise powerless and they give up.

  2. Stacy says:

    Entirely! In an odd twist, the rain has motivated me to actually go outside (I cope poorly with high heat) and deal with some weed “trees of heaven” on our property line, dead head my roses and feed them, and get some basic weeding done. My cats are VERY confused about me going out so often in that *stuff*.

  3. Jan says:

    We also have rain this evening. I watered the garden using the water I caught from the last rain and then it just started raining!! Oh well It filled my barrel right back up!

    Your garden looks so wonderful. By chance did you get the email I sent you all? I was wondering about the solar cookers. Thanks have a great day!

  4. Ken Kunst says:

    Ah rain….we need it, even in Napa, it’s been pretty dry the last two years…I love Spring rains, for it charges the air and everything in the garden perks up, especially lettuces. The rain started falling about an hour ago, and I hope we get enough to actually do some watering for me. The plants need this kind of water better than the chlorinated stuff out of the hose. I enjoy the sound of it too.


  5. Susan S says:

    I borrowed your picture to post to my own blog regarding my goals for my garden. That is simply a mind boggling photo! Such fabulous inspiration! Thanks, and I did post a link to your own site within my post.

    We live in N. AZ and get the rain about a week after you so I’ve been enjoying the unexpected cool weather and my plants are thriving in the rain.

  6. dccdmom says:

    My daughter is doing an experiment. She’s growing 3 pot seach of 3 different plants and watering one plant in each group with rain barrel water, one with tap water, and one with water from our purifier. So far all 3 types of plants(tomatoes, marigolds, and radishes) are doing best with the rain barrel water. Tap water comes in last.

  7. Angie Robinson says:

    So What ever happened with your water H2OGS and grey water reclamation system? Did you get them in or are they still on the todo list? It’d be a shame to get the rain water collection system in right after all the rain has ended!

  8. Anais says:

    Hello all

    Thanks for the comments – what a blessing the rain was!

    Susan S – no problem with you sharing with your readers. Thanks for spreading the world. Happy gardening!

    Jan – I hope someone did get around to reply to your email. If not, we apologize and thank you for your patience. We are a bit backlogged!

    Angie – We are still working on water harvest and reclamation. Lots of ongoing projects still in the works

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