Sorry, word has it that Seattle is hot, they musta sent their weather our way!

Finally, the grey gloom gave way to some actual wet stuff.  Yep, it “rained” a bit yesterday and later on in the day the sun peeked through for a bit.  Of course with some sun rays (first we’ve seen in a few days) the bees went absolutely bonkers like bumper to bumper traffic. Not to mention us people felt slightly human again.

But no sun again today – just grey.  On the bright side, it’s great weather for conserving water!

Entered a few posts in the journal yesterday– 4 to be exact.  There’s two “off the cuff” video interviews for you to enjoy – one with Biodiesel Man and one with Farmer D.

Also a few positive Freedom Seeds reviews and photos of our “Freedom Harvest.”


  1. Biodiesel News - Mini Posting Blitz | Step By Step Plan To Make Your Own Biodiesel At Home says:

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