Winter is here. Last night temps reached 32 degrees and tonight it’s expected to be even colder.

Every generation needs a new revolution. ~ Thomas Jefferson ~


Dear Path to Freedom,
…We have been working hard over here at UCLA since ourvisit to your homestead last month processing what welearned and applying it to our academic work. Webased our slightly unconventional paper on a dialoguein an attempt to represent the voices of our differentteam members. We also made a presentation to ourclass at UCLA based on our visit and using the photosyou guys took. It went really well, generatingreflection and discussion. Actually your projectimpressed our professor, and now he wants to visit. … Your urban homestead has really impressed andall of us and we are grateful for the opportunityof working with your family.
Thank you very much, Lucas and therest of the UCLA team

An Urban Homestead Seen Through the Lens Of Paulo Freireby UCLA Students Lucas, Layton, Eva, Lauren & Greg

…Path to Freedom (PTF), the name of his self-sustaining journey, gets direction, not solely from the idea to isolate oneself from a world fueled by neo-liberal, capitalist ideals, but a lifestyle that is an attainable, viable alternative. The Dervaes family has created a self-sustaining, biosphere-like environment.

…Jules reminisces of the late 1960’s and early 70’s when many people were activists, but have lessened their activism and protests through the past 30 or so years. Jules believes through capitalism and through the youth being isolated from nature and their environment by using conscious-distracting devices such as Apple iPods, people no longer realize the environment they tread on and/or the oppressive hand of capitalism placed upon them. He believes that pleasure devices distract people’s consciousness of their surroundings by giving superficial pleasure and makes them oblivious to the oppressive society they live in. Rather than worrying about society’s problems, they are worried about their next purchases or the next song on their iPod’s song list.
read the UCLA students entire 18 page {pdf}

{Please note: at the end of this report is a written dictation of the students private discussions. Some of the facts or observations they surmised from their 2 hour interview are, in fact, not entirely correct.}


I had wanted to post this about a week ago to coincide with Thanksgiving. It’s something to think about during the “season of eats.”


Cease to eat anything defiled by violence; make your table the high altar of your daily religion; serve nothing that is produced by harming the land and its life or by any kind of cruelty; then the rest follows. .. I avoid eating any[thing] I haven’t known and cherished.

::About:: Jim Corbett is renowned as the co-founder of the sanctuary movement and author of Goatwalking. Here in this book from the last decade of his life, completed on his deathbed, Corbett expands upon his work in human rights into what he terms “earth rights.”Speaking from his experience as a “cowman” and “practical mystic” in the wildlands of the desert Southwest, he ranges widely across a philosophical and religious landscape. As both a deep thinker and uncompromising activist,the profundity of his thought and life become evident in this prophetic vision of a “Peaceable Kingdom”.

Knowledge by Doing

“to get something into your brain, heart and guts, it is only through your hands.” – Jules Dervaes

A friend of ours (RC) is moving to an 1 acre in Nor Cal (lucky!) and will be bringing along 4 Khaki Campbell ducks she recently purchased from another friend of ours who lives in South Pasadena. This friend in South Pasadena has a large flock of ducks, having been inspired by seeing our ducks (if we can do it so could they!). Yesterday, RC came over with note and paper in had to glean all the information she could from the 5 years of knowledge and experience Jordanne & I have had raising ducks.   Jordanne thoroughly went over everything she could think of from care, housing, raising, health, disease, transportation, feed, water, shelter, dangers, egg cleaning — so on and so on.   RC was kind and generous enough to pay for our time (thanks!). The extra money will go towards a good cause.    The lady exclaimed after Jordanne’s 1 1/2 hour sessions ended, “I could never have found this on Google!” and we joked with her, saying there’ll be a test. 😉

You are what your grandmother ate {NewScientist}

A mother’s diet can change the behaviour of a specific gene for at least two subsequent generations, a new study demonstrates for the first time. Feeding mice an enriched diet during pregnancy silenced a gene for light fur in their pups. And even though these pups ate a standard, un-enriched diet, the
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Charles puts staff on bikes in bid to become ‘green prince’ {This Is London}

Prince Charles has told some of his staff to use bicycles in the fight against global warming. He is even prepared to travel to London by commuter train from a station near Highgrove.Charles wants to be remembered as the “Green Prince” and is making a personal statement by planning a radical shake-up of his travel plans. It comes after the Government outlined its Climate Change Bill and follows David Cameron’s calls for a legal limit on harmful carbon emissions. Charles will stop using royal helicopters and private jets on official engagements whenever possible. He intends to make more use of the royal train and has ordered his chauffeurs to leave their cars behind and travel by bicycle when they check arrangements ahead of his appointments in London.
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Unschooling Movement {NYTimes}

As the number of children who are home-schooled grows — an estimated 1.1 million nationwide — some parents like Ms. Walter are opting for what is perhaps the most extreme application of the movement’s ideas. They are “unschooling” their children, a philosophy that is broadly defined by its rejection of the basic foundations of conventional education, including not only the schoolhouse but also classes, curriculums and textbooks.
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[Being one for four who was homeschooled in an unschooling fashion we went after and relished learning what we took a liking to. Sure there was a basic 3 R structure that we all learned but we were free to develop in “life-schooling” lessons ]
Just say no . . . to e-mail? {MSN}

Workers are rediscovering the value of face-to-face communications at one company where ‘no e-mail Fridays’ have improved productivity and teamwork.
…That was tough to digest, especially for younger staffers and some senior managers. “We discovered a lot of introverts . . . who had drifted into a pattern of communicating by e-mail,” Dockter says. … “You can’t get to know someone through e-mail.”
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  1. gerry medland says:

    Knowlege is of no use if it is not digested and applied in life on a daily basis.The trouble with common sense is that it is not common anymore,the complex systems of today are man made for the benefit of the few,the rest of the population follow blindly as robotic slaves,Many thanx to you good folks at PTF for ‘teaching us’the truth!Long may you continue your very important work and example!

  2. Lois DeFiore says:

    I disagree respectfully (as a Southerner we have to throw in a “bless your heart”). Knowledge is dependent on the recipient. It depends on where you are as an individual as to whether you can accept or reject reality. Each person travels an individual path. You cannot predict their destiny. Some will commit suicide, some will go on to greatness, the majority are destined to live in the “middle class”…we are but messengers to the Great I Am. Luv your web site PTF but I am increasingly disturbed by your politics…Do you really understand some of the language you use to describe economics? Most people would object to your use of the word “robotic slaves”…

  3. gerry medland says:

    Hi Lois,I respectfully reply to your post re:my post.The opinions given are my opinions as an individual and not those of PTF.As a former career soldier I am only too aware of the price paid for ‘freedom of speech’ that is available to us in the ‘free world’ today.We are all entitled to express our thoughts and to get ‘radical’ in our emphasis to encourage change,perhaps on this side of the pond in the UK,matters are different to those in America?May I suggest you read “Captive State’ by Geo Monbiot,that book has helped to define my politics, as well as losing fine colleagues in carrying out our duty.
    kind regards.
    gerry medland
    United Kingdom