Meadow Vista Jan 17-18

Saying our goodbyes to all the wonderful folks at Nevada City Wild & Scenic Festival (read all about it in case you missed it!), it was time to mosey down the mountain to a little one stoplight town nestled amongst the pines, Meadow Vista, where we were to meet up with a Freedom Gardener for a social potluck.

After nibbling all day at the film festival, what a wonderful sight to see – the table full of homemade/homegrown food.  The food spread was awesome! Thanks to everyone who brought a homemade, delicious dish – there was even some flavorful home brewed beer via the folks at Foothill Home Companion – perhaps she’ll be blogging about our visit soon!

Looking around the roomy and well-organized kitchen, I couldn’t help but wander over to the pantry that was lined with lovely glass jars (that looked like mine) filled with staples.

Feeling right at home, we spent the night in an adorable “Mary Janeish” bedroom and woke up to the sound of Julia hand grinding coffee and whipping up a batch of cornmeal waffles (delicious and very filling).  Thanks!

After a lively and scrumptious breakfast, it was time to wake up the ladies (aka the chickens).  While the guys talked about bees and gardening,  we gals went out to meet the hens.   Jordanne checked out the cute chicken coop (it matched our house paint colors!). I was fascinated by the chickens wandering out in the rain looking for bugs in the yard.  I thought, “These ain’t no So Cal birds scared of the rain!”  Our chickens are wusses.

Then it was time to tour their Freedom Garden – that included His and Her beehives -very cute.

Julia told us a wonderful story about her seed sowing (her first time starting off!).  Of all the seeds she ordered, our very own Freedom Seeds were the only ones that germinated! That made us proud indeed.

She and Gary also described going out to the garden to pick spinach for dinner – only it never made it into the house because it was so deliciously tender.

Before we left, Jordanne and I knitted a few rows on Julia’s friendship scarf while we talked about goats, ducks, chickens and more.  We could have stayed with Julia and Gary for days, but it was time to head down to the coast.

Thank you, Julia and Gary, for your gracious and warm hospitality!

Driving down the mountain to the coast through torrential rains, we commented how this visit was very refreshing and nourishing to our souls.  What a joy it was to see you and your husband recount stories from your homestead, Julia!  It was like we bonded with a kindred spirit.

We even lamented that you weren’t closer: “Otherwise we’d be up there every day!”

I strongly sense there are some baby ducklings in your future so look forward to hearing about the latest additions to your homestead.

The beach and our meeting with author and food advocate John Robbins up next.

But, first, some photos!

Awesome & colorful food spread.  Delicious!

Jordanne check out the colorful (green & brown) eggs from Julia’s flock of hens while Julia buzzes about her kitchen with apron and ‘Homegrown Revolution’ tee

Group shot of Freedom Gardeners!

Homemade cornmeal waffles topped with local butter and homegrown blackberry preserves.

Julia’s husband and handyman Gary give us a pet Fleaddle to take home.  “Fleaddle” now sits on the fireplace at the urban homestead.  Isn’t he a cutie!

Julia shows us photos of her summer garden

Hey there, hennie!

Checking out the bees, er hive , since no bees were to be seen because of the rain

Breakfast club!

A woman’s domain.  Girlie chatterings in the kitchen


  1. lynn maust says:

    What a lovely site to come across!! Love your homey photos and the ladies too. Will be spending time here!!!

  2. SCENIC DRIVE | Little Homestead in the City says:

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  3. nina says:

    as we venture boldly into the enlightment of partnership and balance, it would be great to embrace new expressions and not fall into dangerous old phraseologies and paradigms, placing only women in the kitchen…yet again! Grace and balance of male and female energies in the process of food preperation. New partnerships in balance as we re-embrace out organic roots.

  4. Marilou S says:

    I really like your site and refer my friends to it.

    Are there certain books you could refer me to on urban farming/gardening so that my friends can read them and start turning their lawns in to gardens?

    Thank you so much,

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