Farmer D makes sure Blackberry doesn’t eat the harvest stats/chart

Here on the urban homestead we have our own version of Cookie Monster in a form of two adorable but somewhat stubborn goats.

This morning Farmer D was sitting in the garden tallying up the week’s harvest when Blackberry moseys on over and wants to nibble on the paper. It’s funny, our goats could really careless if there’s a paper lying around but oh, if you have a paper in your hand they want it and they want it now!

She was a little miffed she wasn’t able to snatch a nibble and took out her frustrations by head butting Fairlight. Having goats is like having and caring for a two year old. Goats are curious, mischievous at times and into everything so you have to keep a watchful eye.

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  1. Talithia says:

    Wow I remember having goats as a child my all time favorite was a goat I called Bambi. I loved that goat and being an only child she was like a sister. We had to seller her when we moved to the city. I remember crying for days. Now I’m 34 and still living in the same city I still long to have a little goat friend but no luck the city of Sanford FL does not allow them:( I love reading about yours, that makes my whole day. One day I hope to move somewhere that allow them. My 3 kids would adore them. T

  2. Jennifer says:

    That is so cute! I’ve never seen goats so close in my life but your pics make me want to have one! I even love the names you’ve given them……….Keep the pics coming.

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