Weighing in for the month of May

748 lbs of produce (vegetables, fruits and herbs)

90 Duck eggs

80 Chicken eggs

17 lbs of Honey

Grow Your Own Groceries

Here how you can join us in our collective growing effort

Tally Guidelines

Any “poundage” grown by you on your property, patio, window sill or community plot including fruits, vegetables, herbs, nuts that goes toward feeding yourself, animals and community.

Honey, dairy, eggs and meat can be tallied also but will not be counted in the 1 million “pound” tally but listed separately as food produce.

Let’s get growing!


This just in….

Year totals for our little 1/10 plot of land – 1,640 lbs produce, 453 chicken eggs, 450 duck eggs and 17 lbs of honey


  1. Mary in Oklahoma says:

    Hey ya’ll~ I just harvested my garlic last week. It’s dry now and I was just wondering about weighing it. Do you weigh before you trim the dry shoots from the bulb or after…[or both]

    We filled a bushel basket with our harvest 🙂

  2. Janice Engelberth says:

    Your harvest makes me want to live in a warmer climate. Here in northern Indiana, it has been a wet cold spring. The only thing that I have harvested is lettuce and spearmint.

  3. Risa says:

    Well I just calculated the harvest for May. We weighed in at 870lb, but only 8lb was produce (from my tiny greenhouse). The other 862 was wheat grass and pasture for my goats and chickens. I cut it by hand and take it to them. Though, this is the first year I’ve taken the time to weigh every bucket.

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