Math lesson

Q. Hi, Dervaes family!
I read the Natural Home & Garden article on your place, then visited
your website. You are extremely inspirational! I’ve always been
interested in sustainable living, but never had the guts to really go
for it, given that purchasing 20 acres wasn’t in the budget and
keeping a milk cow isn’t something I’m ready to do right now. I love
the fact that you’re doing it on an urban lot, which shatters so many

I’ve grown tired of seeing articles on folks living “the simple life”
when they’ve have a lot of money for acreage and a huge straw bale
house, or other things which just aren’t close enough to the average
American’s lifestyle. I can’t say enough how thrilled I am to have
found out about you and how excited I am to see if I can get 6,000
pounds of produce out of just one of our three acres here in Montana.
My oldest son (almost 8) and I had a great math lesson this morning
calculating just how much food we could grow on an acre given your

Congratulations on all of your achievements! I’ll be checking in to
your website often!

Bozeman, MT

A. Thank you for your email and positive comments regarding our site and
project. We are blessed that we are able to share our journey and offer
inspiration to fellow travelers.

We, too, were pretty shocked over the numbers. But, it’s true, 3 tons from
a 1/10 acre. That means 1 acre would yield 30 tons! Amazing, I know.

We do have an online “Neighborhood” of fellow homesteaders from around the
world on our site at I believe there
are already groups similar to what you are looking for on Yahoo Groups –
can’t remember their names exactly. 😉

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