The harvest results are in for the month of March

Harvest: 396 lbs produce   Eggs Duck 44 & Chicken 96

Why do we tally the harvest?  No, is not supposed to be a competition of us vs them/you but us vs us.  Keeping track, keeps us on track  Here’s some of the reason’s why

66 ft x 132 ft of sustainable living in the city (check out the 10 Elements of a modern Urban Homestead)

Blueprints for Change

When it comes down to new way of doing things, sometimes you need something a bit more than just action. Proof is the bottom line for nay sayers who think we need more land to grow food on.  When all we have to do is look at the land we do have.

Heck, back when we started we didn’t think we could do it but once we started putting a pen to gardening that’s when we really started to see some hard facts – facts that even took us by surprise!

When the  time comes and tide changes, the information (stats, figures) that we and you have gathered will be valuable in helping others take steps towards a more sustainable future.

The Urban Land Institute drew up some blueprints of what they think (sustainable) cities will look like in 2050 and Path to Freedom’s Urban Homestead was chosen as a residential model of urban agriculture.

How are you growing your future?  Care to share.


  1. Sarah says:

    Growing my future, is teaching. Teaching my children mostly, and then anyone who is willing to listen and not think I am nuts! I love to teach that there IS another way! A BETTER way. And my children are soaking it in, and even now getting concerned with the food they are eating at school, which IS a valid concern!

    Empowering people with knowledge is the best thing you can do for them! (and then being an example also helps!)

  2. Laura @ says:

    We are also teaching our children. In addition, we are hoping to cut our NEED for a our jobs and increase the ENJOYMENT of our jobs. If we are growing our own food, we are that much less dependent on a monthly check. We aren’t quitting our jobs…it’s just a nice feeling.

  3. Steven says:

    I have just done the same thing and it’s empowering to see how much food can grow on small backyards as ours.

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