Shh! Listen! In a language all its own, Nature speaks, whispering renewal. Soon, a superb, wondrous spectacle will unfold as Nature performs its spring play of awakening. But, in these heady technological times, primitive acts of a natural force largely go ignored in most circles unless, of course, they spell trouble. When Nature roars disaster, that makes the headlines. With all this bad press, is it any wonder that we have come to see the natural world as foe, not friend?

First, we marginalized our relationship with Nature through increasing isolation brought on by the allure of a rival way of life. The agrarian rhythm began to fade in our souls. Then, perturbed by its imbalances, inconsistencies and inadequacies, we sought to “fix” Nature’s problems. It wasn’t long before we were using science to put us in the driver’s seat. Today, who is there to stop us? “We’re Number 1!” In this competition we hope to beat Nature on its turf and, with our line-up of high flying PhDs, show our primeval “nemesis” the door.

In one century mankind has proceeded to devise ways to bind, bend and break Nature at every turn. The elements, we firmly believe, are at work constricting us and, more and more, we chafe at any restrictions which they place us under. We are not a happy lot! …