Low-chill blueberries; goats

Q. Thank you for your wonderful brochures. What you are doing inspires me
so much that I dug our first garden bed today and planted peas, and
kale! I have wanted to live a more simple, natural life for some time,
and have finally decided to just do it here and now. ( instead of
waiting until I can find the perfect country home someday). I have a
little under 1/5 of an acre, and much of that is taken up by the house,
but the land I have has wonderful sun exposure and nice soil to start
with. I have a couple of questions I was hoping you could answer:
What type of blueberries do you recommend for this area (I believe the
climate here in Lompoc is close to yours).
How do you keep goats on 1/5 of an acre. I would love to do that.
Thank-you for any help. And thanks for doing what you are doing!!!!!!
Sincerely, Dede

A. Blueberries:  there are many southern “low chill” varieties of blueberries
that do well in California.  Check with your local nursery or look online
for a source.

Goats:  since ours are miniature goats they don’t require much space.  You
can read more about goats on our journal at
(especially scroll down to the June 2nd post – were we wrote “GOAT FAQ”)

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