Nothing says ‘I love you’ better than homegrown veggies

There’s a slew of photos from last weeks work and happenings here on the urban homestead (from cheese making to brewing a spring garden tonic with weeds) in queue but first I liked to take some time remind folks that spring is just around the corner and you know what that means!

Seeds, Goods & Supplies

Over 90% of the vegetables we grow here at our little farm in the city are featured and sold on our online store FreedomSeeds.org (it’s our first year so are aware that the variates are limited but, hey, it’s a start!)

In addition our other online store PeddlersWagon.com carries goods and supplies for the modern day urban homesteader featuring items that we actually own and use around our urban homestead.

Some of the best selling items this year are the handy dandy Soil Blocks, 2010 Growing by the Moon Calendars, the sturdy Wire Vegetable Basket and Ollas – clay pottery that drips!

Though it’s just a wee wagon full of goods I am sure there’s something useful that you could use.

Purchases made through these stores goes directly into the non profit to continue to keep this site online and our outreach growing.

Show your “lovin”” appreciation by supporting this site (count the ways)

Thank you all.

Upcoming Engagement

This Tues, Feb 9 (7:30 PM) Jules Dervaes will be giving a presentation at the OC Fair Grounds.

Check our online calendar for details.

Hope to see you there!

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