Two weeks ago, we got a call from someone who “googled” us.  He said that he found what he thought was a little chick running around downtown Pasadena.  Of course, we told him to bring the wee chick to the homestead, figuring it had somehow escaped an Easter basket (not too many other explanations as to why a chick was running on one of the busiest streets in Pasadena ).  Assuming that is the story,  I wonder how on earth folks can put live animals in a basket then not even realize that one is missing.  Sure beats the dickens out of me.

The good news is that the chick (a Buff Orphington)  was still healthy and in pretty good shape.  The bad news?  Well,  since chickens are  “flock” animals, they aren’t too keen on being raised alone.  It spent the first night next to my bed. I had to sleep with my arm hanging down to keep the chick “company” during the night.  If I took my hand away, the poor thing would start cheeping excessively – not even a mirror was doing the trick.   Of course, I couldn’t keep doing this, night after night, as I would develop some serious arm/shoulder complications.

So, Sis and a friend were off to the local feed store to bring home two others (Silver Laced Wyandottes) to keep the poor thing (and me!) happy.  OK now here’s where something really funny happened.  One of our good friends called, asked Jordanne if she could come and hang out for the afternoon and ” if we were doing anything?”  Jordanne replied that she could come with her to  “pick up chicks.”  There was a long pause at the other end of the line.  Jordanne was slightly perplexed at the pause but then soon realized how our friend mistook the suggestion for the afternoon outing!  Jordanne quickly pointed out, “baby chicks as in chickens. ” LOL

More good news is that we found out that the chick is a hen so we’ll be keeping her, along with the two others from the feed store.

Funny, I was thinking how this would be our fourth round of raising chicks.  One year, we mail ordered over a 150.  Not to keep them,  mind you, since they were all going to other local backyard chicken enthusiasts. But after so many years and so many chicks, it seems like a lifetime since the first chicks arrived at the  homestead back in 2001.   As with anything new, the first chick raising was a stressful period. We’d hover over them and worry excessively.  Now, it’s like  “ho hum.”    After experiencing the beginning and end of a chicken’s life, one certainly becomes a seasoned homesteader in a hurry.

The homestead menagerie grows … and there are more wayfaring critters that have found their way to our door step.

Is the barnyard growing on your homestead this year?



  1. Drover says:

    “Is the barnyard growing on your homestead this year?”

    We are working in many areas this year. We are expanding into selling eggs and incubating our own chicks.

    The Buff Orphingtons are nice birds. Currently, we have Rhode Island Reds and Red sex linked hens.

  2. Nancy Kelly says:

    Too funny!

  3. Susan says:

    Where to do get your chickens in Pasadena? I live in the area and would like to pick some up.

    • jengod says:

      I’d also love to know! I know of a feed store in Huntington Park and one in Bellflower, but not on that side of town!

  4. Nancy says:

    This year I got my first chickens – 2 Rhode Island Reds & 2 Americana’s. I love them. They are very sweet, but haven’t laid any eggs yet. I’m thinking about getting a rabbit, but will wait till fall if I do since the summers are so hot here. I’m quitting my job and retiring at the end of July, so can spend more time on my urban farm. I can’t wait!

  5. Lori says:

    So cute! I love baby chicks 🙂 they make me smile every time I look at them. We currently have red & black sex links. We had a Buff Orpington that has passed on. I miss her.
    Just got done reading your last post about being MIA..so glad you’re back. I really get excited every time I see a new post. I check almost daily.. unless I’m just too tired from the farm chores 🙂 so I totally understand you being MIA sometimes.
    Here at our homestead we have been blessed with visitors, both out of town family and friends, almost every week/weekend for the last 4 months 🙂 plus all the garden preps for spring, starting seeds & getting the new seedlings in the garden, new farm animals.. born, hatched & bought. We are also doing some fencing the old fashion way (post hole diggers & shovel) to top it all off we did a rescue last month ourselves.. 2 puppies & we are trying to train them.. man that’s a job but I have to admit it feels good to know they now have a good home filled with love. Its also the time of year for us to start on the “Spring Cleaning” meaning a good look over all the coops, pens & stalls, buildings, barns, sheds, fencing (you get the picture) and taking care of whatever needs done, repairs, cleaning, painting, etc. After the new fencing is done we’ll add a few milk goats to the homestead.There is always something to do. Its a big job for only 2 people (my husband & myself) especially since he works another job. The cool thing is that all of our company we have had always wants to be part of the farm experience and ask to help..even with the hard, back breaking work and when they leave they are already planning their next visit 🙂 It truly is a great thing to see them transform when they come from the city to the country where we work hard all day & then enjoy a home cooked meal together in the evening while having an actual conversation about things like hopes, dreams, plans, ways to improve upon our lives and how we can help others. They seem to relax & enjoy a days work out of “the office”. They always seem to say they sleep better here than at their homes & how hearing the morning sounds of the rooster crowing, the ducks quacking, the turkeys gobbling & the hens cackling is so much better than the alarm clock the tv or the radio. Fresh gathered eggs & buttermilk biscuits with home canned fruit preserves are always a big hit resulting with a cleaned plate & a comment about how much better it was than their usual microwave breakfast or fast food breakfast while driving to work 🙂
    The Pathway to Freedom/Urban Homestead/Little Homestead in the City/ Dervaes Family 🙂 have been an inspiration to me in many ways & I hope my husband & I will be able to inspire our family, friends & others also. We have only been living this lifestyle for a few yrs and are still learning but we are making progress everyday.
    Love your Blog & all the comments left here 🙂 May we all continue to be blessed & never forget to give thanks for those blessings 🙂
    ps… what ever became of the Auqaponics experiment you had going on awhile back? I’d love to know. Would even like to give it a try 🙂

  6. Georgi from Arizona says:

    I’m a city girl (originally from NY) and got my first chickens this spring. They are year old laying hens. I’m trying to follow somewhat in your footsteps on 2 acres in Northern Arizona. You are an inspiration!!! Anyway, back to chickens…what a hoot and a delight they are! Whenever I feel any stress at all I go out to visit my 7 “girls” and watch their antics and it all melts away. Do you raise chickens only for eggs or also for meat? I plan to work up to that next step in a year or two, then raise chicks the next time around.

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