Arriving home after a few days away (Sol Fest) it was time to take stock in what needs to be done and what we’d like to accomplish before the year is out.

First off was an urgent need to take care of one of the ducks (Dawn), who seems to have injured her leg while we were gone. It doesn’t seem to be bad, but she does look really pathetic and helpless limping around.

There’s the data to be calculated and entered into the computer from the peak oil survey. We all have been surprised over the preliminary results (to be posted soon) and really insightful comments (I’d like to post these, too, on the internet for all to read because these thoughts need to be shared) Thanks to all those who took the time to complete the survey. Please bear with us, we will be posting them soon as we can.

Late summer plantings need to be done and fall preparations (ordering bulk seeds, enriching the raised beds). We talked about the possibility of renting a concrete saw this month to finally get rid of the last of the concrete. If and when that is complete, then we’ll have to build up the soil and completely redesign that part of the yard.

There’s also the last coat of plastering that needs to be added to the cob oven (shooting to accomplish this task when the temps gets cooler — hopefully this evening.)

Are you going to San Francisco?

Yep! Hopefully to meet lots of “gentle people with flowers in their hair.”
As it turns out we will be traveling up north once again ! This time to participate in Sierra Club’s, Sierra Summit ( Sept 8 – 11) Guest speakers will include Alice Waters, Robert F Kennedy Jr, Bill Maher and more.

No Cal readers, this is your chance to meet the PTF crew!   Also, if you (or someone you know) happens to be in the San Francisco area and would like to PTF to give a power point presentation/talk to your community group (during the week of Sept 8-12) about our urban homestead journey then pleasecontact us asap!

We have tickets available for this event and can offer them at a reasonable price (or barter) for those who would be interested in helping us out while in San Francisco.