Looking for composter / barrel source

Q. I’m looking to build a composter for our backyard. I am an avid hobbyist-welder, so I figured to build a contraption to allow easy turning of the compost by essentially putting a container on a spit and putting a big handle or geared crank on it for turning.

However, now I’m left wondering where to find a big drum or barrel or container to use for the main body of it. I figure a 55-gallon drum would be fine, or some other such large plastic or metal container. I’m not afraid of it not having a lid, because I figure I can probably make something sufficient.

But where to get such a thing? Seems silly to buy a new something, I’d much rather get some cast-off which is junk to someone else.

So, after all that, do you have any recommendations?

A. Here are a couple of resources where you can do a search for used 55 gal
drums and see if they may have some in your area:


New drums @

Also, used plastic 55 gal drums usually can be gotten free from a carwash.
Ask for the ones that had soap (don’t get the ones that had armorall or wax)
because they can easily be rinsed out.

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