A smattering of rain fell here in Pasadena yesterday. Didn’t really do much in helping alleviate the dry conditions. The ground still frozen and dry, the plants leaves are so dry and crispy we’d consider them “freeze dried.”

Last night temperatures were once again in the 20’s. 28 to be exact making it 6 consecutive days of below freezing temperatures. In fact, the weather is so weird that yesterday there wassnow in the hills above Malibu

Grow The Future [1-12-07]

With the situation as it is these days, we had wanted to wait a few days/week before posting this journal entry (below) which was schedule to be “news” last Friday. But in lieu of readers likeKevin [thanks for the post btw] and others who have commented/emailed inquiring how they can help, we figured we wouldn’t keep on holding back on posting the entry any longer.  

::Please Note:: this post was in draft and scheduled to be posted on the journal on Friday 1-12-07, but was postponed due to the other, even “bigger news story” — the weather.
We wrote sometime back that changes will be coming and perhaps our most observant readers may have noticed there’s something new on the journal page. It took us long enough, but we first had to wait until we were able to make donations tax-deductible and everything finalized today [Friday the 12th] with a separate bank account specifically put aside for thePTF/Dervaes Institute» outreach programs.

The new year brings new hopes, dreams, new possibilities and endless ideas.   
Has this site been beneficial to you over the years, have we taken time to personally answer your emails and questions, etc, etc. Would you like to see this site expand/grow even more? It can with your support. There are now TWO ways you can help keep this site and its outreach program goingRead How»

For seven years PTF has been sharing freely the struggles and triumphs of our journey with funds out of our own pocket. What that means is the urban homestead’s income (and 10% tithe) can no longer support this site and growth of the outreach work. With our wanting to continue to keep this site FREE from Google ads and commercial adverting/banners we had to find another way that would allow us to continue our efforts in expanding this site and outreach such as:

» update the Photo Gallery

» revamp/ redesign the PTF journal (should be better than ever!)

» new goods on Peddler’s Wagon (especially ones developed or made by PTF – kits, ledgers, pamphlets, videos, seeds etc)

» the long time awaited “Part II” of the PTF site that will cover topics such as homebrew biodiesel, cob oven, raising chickens, etc

» revamp the Trail Guide’ to be more user friendly guide

» resuscitate“The Path” newsletter

» new e-calendar html format emails (coming very soon – have to purchase software)» morevideo shorts

» expand and clean up the PTF site (making it more user friendly and less wordy)

» move to a sustainable hosting service» new, expanded PTF brochure – old one is so out of date

» update our tabling display with more informative materials

» PTF Productions video – shorts and full length» putting together our experiences in book/print form» make a homepage forDervaes Institute
and so much more!

In response to many readers suggestions in their wanting to support this site we have finally added adonation page and button (located on the right side column of journal – after the “PATHS” links). It’s a real time activated widget that will allow you to see in real time how we are doing in our efforts to keep this site and outreach program growing for another year.

Just like a garden, so it is with this site to continue to grow and thrive it needs many key elements so that it can continue to grow and bear fruit.

Thank you to those of who supported us in 2006. We truly are blessed by your kindness and generosity. We look forward to another year of new growth.

Peddler’s Wagon Support

With a new year comes new beginning and reflections on the year past. What better time to acknowledge our few customers.

It’s been three months (really?) since we launched our new“cottage industry.” A special thanks to the 60 generous folks who took time to order goods from thePeddler’s Wagon.

Without you guys/gals the horses would have been hobbling and the wagon broken down on the side of the road, we are truly grateful to you folks who have kept the horse moving and the wheels turning on the wagon.

After each of our hard work, efforts and funds that went to the launch of this store it’s wonderful to to have a few customers that appreciate the service we provide. Such sales have helped us inch our way towards getting back in the black (not there yet, but every little bit helps!)

Thank you! Thank you all for your support.  May your new year be a bountiful one.
We’ll be adding a few more new items in hopefully this week so stay tuned!

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  1. dermot says:

    I’m still gob-smacked by the snow-in-malibu thing. No sooner do I move to snow-bound Canada, than LA gets hit by this. In one sense, I’m sorry I missed it – just to see the change.

    Getting past the hurt of seeing your plants killed by the frost, the thought occurs that it’s also a good learning experience – to adapt to bizarre and unpredictable weather behaviour now, when it’s not going to cause physical hunger or pain; seeing the -35C weather here has been quite an experience. It’s hard to believe that ANYTHING – vegetable or animal – can survive this kind of cold…yet they do.

    Tomorrow, another 12 inches of snow are forecast, though the weather will warm “up” to -8C. The coldest I ever felt in California was ~ -3C, and in Ireland -5C.

    I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Spring.

    If I lived in this climate permanently, one thing would be on my shopping list:


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