With all that’s going on, we all are seeming to lose track of time. Time flies when you are having fun and working together as a family.

The 100 Foot Diet/Victory Garden Challenge keeps growing. I lost count, but we could be topping 150 participants – maybe more? A warm earthy soil welcome to all those who joined this week it’s exciting to see the challenge growing throughout the blog-sphere. More and more people are toting trowels, arming themselves with seeds and waging battle against high food prices and climate change – onward garden soldiers! It’s time to make change in our own backyards. Oh, yeah someone already said that. 😉

Stay tuned for a social networking and blog site dedicated to liberating yards by growing food (this is going to be a really awesome site!) which will be a companion site to the urban farming movement. In the meantime, I will try and catch up (sometime soon!) with those who have posted their homegrown meals and details about their freedom gardens. Sorry about how long it’s been since we’ve highlighted your accomplishments.

Don’t forget that we made the PTF flyers available for download for Earth Month. How many of you have downloaded and shared them at your local Earth Day events?

There’s lots of email requests to answer, backlog of draft posts, gardening, cleaning, chores to go about (getting ready for “harvest time!”). In between that there’s making time for outreach here in the community and friends. So we are incredibly busy these days. Oh, and we also have some more surprises in the works, but will keep them under-wraps at the moment.

It’s wonderful to see the readership growing and read all the positive comments.

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  1. Nancy Kelly says:

    I am looking forward to the networking and blog site!! You probably got tired of my requests for email addresses for local gardeners!

    When you listen to the news, you must realize that what was once a prophecy/prediction has become a reality, and there you are, in the forefront of a movement whose time has come.

    Thank you so much for doing what you do.


  2. Bernadette says:

    I have to tell you what an inspiration your family has been to me!! My gardening history is as follows:

    I once had 8 acres in Maryland and gardened constantly. But I was ready for a change!!!

    Then we moved to Taos NM to 20 acres on a high desert mesa and I couldnt garden at all, but lived in a strawbale. We were off grid and did water catchment, it was fabulous but the land was all sagebrush. Limited water, hail, bunnies and rock hard soil made gardening impossible. But I learned a lot about living off grid.

    Then we moved back to Maryland and I have been searching for a bit of land to start to garden again. We found a place in Virginia with 5 acres, a wonderful 1811 home and a wood TREATMENT FACTORY in the back yard…..arghhhh……..frustration was setting in.

    My friend turned me on to your site!!!!……It has helped me to understand that I do not need the amount of land that I orginally wanted. We then found a small 70’s home with about .6 acres. I am beside myself to get moved in and turn the GRASS into an oasis. I want to set an example in this community. And here I can do a very productive garden like I did before. Along with my Taos experience I can turn what I saw as subdivision hell into excatly what I want. A homestead on less then an acre.

    So my heartfelt thanks go out to your family for being so BRAVE and DETERMINED. Your site has sincerly turned my world around and upside down….and my hands will be back in the earth soon………YIPEEEEEE

    Peace, Bernadette

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