Dora (blonde chick): Pssst, Biddy!  Hey, let’s try and crash this flat.

 Knock, knock.  Hey Fairlight, Dora here. We’ve just been kicked out of our penthouse, could we please crash at your place.  Fairlight cracks one eye open, “nah-uh, no way, are you kidding me sister?”

 Oh, well, I tried.  Sorry Biddy we’ll just have to try another place.

The hen house and nesting boxes went under lockdown when we had four broody hens on our hands. Of course they weren’t too happy with our putting up barricades and tried to raid the goat house but to no avail. Of course they showed their us their displeasure by screeching and “tuc-tucking” at us but it was for their own good. Without a rooster our chickens will never able to be mama hens but they still insist they try.

Poor wanna be mama hens.

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  1. Sarah says:

    I am having a broody chicken issue myself. I go out every morning and pick her up off the nest. She is determined to hatch eggs. I don’t have a rooster, but have been thinking about getting one. Poor sweet thing wants to be a mama really badly.

  2. Merijayd says:

    You could satisfy the mama urge by replacing the eggs at night with a few baby chicks bought from a feed store. The Hens will usually adopt them right away and raise them as their own. They do this at Boggy Creek Farm in Austin, Tx.(www.boggycreekfarm.com)

  3. Talithia says:

    How wonderful even if it is a problem. I wish we could have chickens here in Sanford FL.

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