We just joined a local co-op which orders through Azure Standard; a bulk health foods company that is dedicated to providing as many organic products as possible,(Thanks to Jennifer for the heads-up!)

Their delivery destination is the Rose Bowl which is less than a mile from the homestead (even better is that this means no shipping charges!).   What’s wonderful is that they carry great products like Fair Trade sugar, raw honey and other goodies at a reasonable price that we can afford.   If you live in the area and are interested in joining the co-op pleaseemail us and I will send you the details.

We’ve always wanted to form a co-op but just never had the time. So we are thrilled that someone (Patti) has taken it upon herself to coordinate this group in our area.

I just finished placing our order for the month (took me awhile to go over 4000 products), purchasing natural health products, bulk grocery and even organic chicken food! The more you buy the more you save and what’s great is one can even split orders with fellow co-opers.  

Don’t forget October is Fair Trade month

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  1. Wildside says:

    Cool! And I can’t believe Azure Standard is in tiny, remote Dufur, Oregon! As we drive through we always say, “Don’t ask what you can do for Dufur, ask what Dufur can do for you!” (I think I read it on a sign board there once and it stuck!)

  2. Anais says:

    Very funny, thanks for sharing. 😉

  3. Wildside says:

    Or may be that was said the other way around! Don’t remember — oh well! I think it’s a play on a JFK quote…