We interrupt our normal scheduled entries for some cute kitty photos!

One summer, four years ago, a neighbor rushed down a screaming baby kitty  She handed us the terrified kitty, telling us the some folks were killing the litter and if we didn’t take him he’d be next.  Horrified over the brutality and seeing this poor little thing with its blue eyes barely open, taken from his mama we did what any good person would do we took him in to give him a chance in life.

Jordanne took over the mama cat role and being a bottle baby our cat thinks he’s more human than cat.

We had a hard time settling on a name and finally came up with ‘Spanky’ after the character on Little Rascals.  Of course he’s got a litany of  “akas” but that’s he’s Christian name.

Spanky loves hanging our in the garden with the chickens and ducks (for some reason the duckies love him!)  the goats not so much because Fairlight and Blackberry like to tease him by going after his tale.  Our other rescued, stray kitty Cassidy tolerates him until he decides to play!  She’s sevens years old but only 9 lbs and he’s like 25 lbs so she rather not be smothered by “the big boy.”

He certianly has a special place in our heart, not to metion he’s grown too!


  1. Chiot's Run says:

    AWWEE, I always have a soft spot for kitties (that’s why we now have 3). Spanky looks just like our Samson.

  2. Nancy says:

    I have such a soft spot for kitties too! And, like you, I am the “go to” lady when neighbors friends coworkers etc find stray or abandoned kitties – that’s why I now have 20!

  3. Cherylyn says:

    Stray animals normally spot the “sucker” stamp on my forehead a mile away. I have managed to keep my ‘home herd’ steady at two cats and one dog for a little more than a year now; but ‘placed’ at least four stray cats and a couple of dogs in homes during that period.

    *shake head* I don’t understand people who intentionally hurt animals.

  4. Isabel says:

    This reminds me of the recent news about 100 chiwawas being rescued from a home where there were hundereds of other dogs dead. I also dont understand why people can be so cruel. We have 2 cats and 1 dog and they are so adorable, and intelligent, its hard to think of someone hurting them.

  5. Vic says:

    This may sound harsh, but what was wrong with a litter of unwanted kittens being killed? Surely that’s better than the kittens being dumped somewhere to fend for themselves. If you are concerned about unwanted kittens being killed, start some sort of compaign for compulsory sterilisation of female cats.

  6. V Schoenwald says:

    Kudos to you all, I think that I am the biggest sucker here. I work with a rescue group here in North Platte Ne, and I have MORE than 2!! All are from abusive situations, motor car encounters, (5 Disabled, missing anywhere from 1 limb to 3), or other terrible situations that I will not even mention, Like I say at my house, What’s another cat…

  7. Margret says:

    I have no patience for folks who harm animals. I say harm them! Anyway….*wipes froth from mouth* I’m also a sucker. I have 4 gold kitties I raised from teensy. They came from various situations. And just this year, the BF & I were given a 4 month old Dane puppy. Her last surviving litter-mate died the next day, so you can imagine she wasn’t in the best of shape. I am happy to report that she is now a 100-lb 8 month old with floppy ears and a long, lethal tail. I believe God blesses those who help His creatures. We are well blessed with the love of ours.

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