I know many of our readers would like to know how our duckie is doing (read about her injury).  Like I mentioned she has good days and bad but we are seeing improvements.

This last week we’ve penned off an area in the animal enclosure so she can hang out during the day with her buddies – of course they can’t get in to bother her but she can see and chat with them and camaraderie is good for Amy’s morale.   We make sure she has food and water and check on her throughout the day.  Every day she gets a least two baths.  Not that she’s dirty or filthy.  The primary reason for these dunks in the water is “water therapy.”   She seems to relax when she’s floating and it’s a good exercise in keeping all the other parts of her body working.

Then at nights, she sleeps in a shallow tray in our bedroom and we mix a good dose of natural supplements in her water so she can drink throughout the night.

Because a Khaki Campbell’s neck is so long (the breed is mixed with Indian Runners) if their neck is affected in someway — that affect their balance.  And so it has been in Amy’s case.  She tries to walk but she can’t – well she can but she rather looks like a pathetic drunken sailor, swaying back and forth and scooting backwards propped up by her tail.   Basically with her neck skewed she hasn’t been able to take steps forwards…. but…….

On Sunday, after a long massage and stretching session Amy actually walked a few steps forwards – it was wobbling and shaky steps but it was forwards!  I about screamed in excitement.  I picked her up and rushed inside and told Jordanne & Justin the good news (Farmer D was away picking up supplies at a feed store) “she walked forwards” I happily told them.

It was only two weeks ago when she couldn’t even lift her head – it fell completely limp resting all the way along her back, she refused to open her eyes and was gasping for breath (she was in shock).   Now she can stand, rest, eat, drink, swim but still has a slight crick/scrunched in her neck which makes her a bit off balance.

We’ve dealt with torn ligaments but nothing like this – in the neck area.  A few years back Dawn injured her leg (tore a ligament – aka “lame duck”) and we had do apply “hands on rehab” every day and it took months before she regained strength in her leg.  She hobbled around, looking pathetic but we kept at it – with topical arnica treatments and daily massages.  And now she’s running around “Lourdes of the duck clan.”

Not sure how Amy’s saga will play out but we are appreciative of small miracles not to mention everyone’s concerns and prayers!

48 hours  (Couldn’t stand, neck went all the way back/limp and had spasm muscle attacks, eyes closed, gasping)

One Week (neck bent to one side, couldn’t move head to opposite side, couldn’t stand if she tried she fell all the way back so had to prop her up with pillows)

Two plus weeks (standing better, eating, drinking on own,  head able to move in BOTH directions, head/beck still slightly crooked but balance is better)


  1. Ellen Bremer says:

    So glad Amy is doing better, keep up the good work!

    blessings, Ellen

  2. Janice says:

    She looks so much better than her first 2 pics! Get well soon Amy!

  3. Rhonda watson says:

    Oh Amy you look so much better keep going little one .
    She is a lucky girl to have such loving caring humans in her life. HUGS to all

  4. Tiffany says:

    She looks SO MUCH BETTER! She’s been in our thoughts a lot lately! Keep on keepin’ on, little bird. 🙂

  5. Rhonda says:

    There is a special little bench in Heaven with the Dervaes name on it for what you’ve done. So many other people would have had her put down. Bless you all.

  6. Heidi says:

    Amazing! What a great job you guys did with poor Amy. Hope she is running and quacking around soon.

  7. Chris says:

    I am happy that Amy is doing better! 🙂 She seems to really have come a long way. I hope you are all well on the homestead. My sodas did not turn out so I had to dump them 🙁

  8. says:

    I, too, am so glad she is doing better, the before pics made me cry.

  9. kelly says:

    i’m rooting for this little peanut!!! i had a duck lucky when i was really young who died tragically, so this really tugs at my heartstrings…


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  15. Manuel says:


    I have a duck with these symptoms. What kind of natural supplements do you use? Thanks in advance.

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