Light Another Candle

“Progress starts with envisioning a new (yet old)   lifestyle with the home as central to all aspects of life—work and leisure, food and energy. So, real    progress means bringing the economy, beginning with the food economy, home again.” —Jules Dervaes Jr. (1947-2016)

Sharing our city homesteading adventures started one hot July summer day back in 2001 with our first “journal entry.” Who would have thought that little entry  would eventually leave tracks that trail blazed the modern city homesteading movement as it is today.  These last few years we have seen a major shift in the urban landscape as more city folks are taking control over their food, energy, fuel, and water supply.

It’s certainly a sentimental anniversary in many ways.  While we pause to look back at how far this message has traveled (thanks to the media and our award winning short film ‘Homegrown Revolution’    we grow forward with the recent launch of our podcast and there’s more to come!

Thank you to all our thousands, hundreds of thousands readers, who, over the years, have been following our pioneering journey. Not to mention those of you who have supported our continuing growth over the years either through  donations , farmstand purchases or attending our many events.

Your support, kind words, encouragement and stories of your steps towards a more sustainable future have really lifted us up. Especially, more so since the sudden death of our father in December of last year.   And, for that, we are truly blessed and humbled.

From our family to yours… Keep on Growing! 

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  1. Autumn Tax says:

    Glad to see you are keeping going! I just fell in love with your family story not two days ago from your short film, was heartbroken one day ago with the passing of your father…thanks for staying and inspiring us- from the far reaches of West Texas,

  2. Lillie Jackson says:

    I just finished viewing your video online of your city homestead and was greatly encouraged. I have recently purchased a tract of land and placed a cabin there. I’ve been thinking to myself of how to make my little space to be productive and self sufficient. I, also will turn my space into a little homestead to help produce my needs for living. Thank you very much for sharing your experiences. Please keep sharing because you and your family are making an exceptional difference in the lives of others. You have shown us a dream that we can make come true with God’s help.
    Sincerely, Lillie Jackson

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