Here’s looking at you!

Here on the urban homestead life goes on as usual even with all the toxic smoke and ash particles in the air.   We continue to hope that the fires will be contained very soon.   Glad to hear from fellow travelers, readers who have commented informing us that they are safe which we hope is true for all. These last few weeks, we’ve been working on a new chicken and duck house to accommodate the increase in our backyard feather flock, after that’s completed the goats will get a new house. Once the animals new digs are completed, then we will work on a permanent covering for part of the animal enclosure in anticipation of any heavy winter rains.    Before we rigged up plastic and then a canvas but had to wake up many times during the night checking the canvas for pocketing water.   These last few years rainfall has been pretty sparse, but don’t know how long the dry spell’s going to last so we are preparing for what we hope will be a very rainy winter season. Now that we’ve taken down the old coop and nesting boxes, having to teach the chickens where their new nesting boxes are takes time and patience. Chickens though very intelligent creatures can be a little dense at times (I guess that’s where the word chicken brain comes from). So you have to keep showing them where their new nesting boxes are and not only that you have to continually repeat showing them a couple times till they finally get it into their little heads that their old home is no longer useable.


Fires destroy one-third of Calif. avocado crop {MSNBC}

SAN DIEGO – If guacamole prices are higher when the Super Bowl rolls around in February, blame the fires in Southern California.More than 20,000 acres of avocado trees in northern San Diego County have been lost, at least a third of the state’s crop, with another 15,000 acres threatened by flames, emergency officials said.
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Thank Your Lucky Stars, er Goats

reposted on Yahoo Groups Nigerian Goats from the FL Dairy Goat GroupThis is from today’s Jacksonville paper.San Diego–The goats saved the day.A Ramona woman said her small ranch was spared by the wildfiresbecause her goats munched dry shrub around her property.”My neighbor was on TV and said there’s only one house still standingin the area ,and that’s mine,” Therese Nerat, 63, said from anevacuation center at the Seaside Mission Bay Park as her goatswhinnied in the background.Nerd, who breeds goats and raises chickens, ducks and geese on herranch, said she rushed out of her home Sunday when a fire raced acrosscommunities northeast of San Diego. The blaze has blackened about164,000 acres and destroyed 500 homes.”I ran out and started throwing goats in the car,” she said. “I gotseven out, and 40 are still out at the ranch. The rest of them are OK,thank goodness.”Neighbors have been stopping by to feed her animals ,and firefighterstrucked in water for them because flames melted pipes in the area, shesaid.